Intermittent Fasting, Month Six 📍

Welcome to my sixth month of intermittent fasting! If you’ve been interested in the fasting lifestyle I hope that my experience here is useful to you. This post is part of a series, so if you want to start at the very beginning, click on over to Month Zero – I’ll wait.

Since last month I removed the training wheels and stopped tracking my fasts. I eat every calendar day (never fasting more than 24 hours), and I generally only eat dinner…so I didn’t need an app to help me track anything in particular. Besides, it’s easier to feel that I’m on the right track or if I need to adjust my eating window.

Talking about six entire months of intermittent fasting; what was easy, challenging, plus photos. #LadyJupiter #fasting #IF #progressphotos

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Six whole months! I’ll admit that I didn’t have any official goals for this milestone, but I was hoping to magically be back to my preferred size; a small USA size four. Well – I’m not, and that’s okay. I’m definitely trending that direction and I feel great, so that’s what really matters. I’m about the same size as I was at the beginning of last month, somewhere around a women’s six or eight. Yes – I understand that those sizes are normal in general, but it’s not normal for me. I can’t wait to be comfortable in my own skin again!

I’ll get there.

Month six was May for me, I’ve loosened up my eating window and it’s showing, oops!

Still eating one meal a day, which is an early dinner that starts between five and six in the evening. I’ve been following my cravings more than good sense.

I know that I can get back on track by eating a ketogenic diet for a week, or at least carb cycling.

So what do I mean about following cravings more than sense? Well, just that. Good sense tells me that I need to get in more high quality veggies with dinner, but then my cravings say “don’t forget flour tortillas for the carne guisada!”

I just need to tighten up and get more vegetables in my life. I often feel better when I eat more whole plant foods, so it’s foolish for me to be ignoring what I know to be good. Luckily the warm months are upon us and I have often leaned towards seasonal eating and preferring lighter meals in the summer months.

Early May – Still working on my bottles of Tropical Oasis’ Women’s Multivitamin, and their Calcium & Magnesium supplement.

Late May – Just staying the course. No new supplements yet (I’m eyeballing an NAD+ supplement because I’m exciting), and no interesting changes really. My local tanning salon re-opened, and I’m excited to get back into the red light therapy bed.
*note to self, write an update post about my continued love for photobiomodulation*

The struggle in month six – Getting more veggies on my plate.

The success in month six – I may not have shrank, but I didn’t get bigger! This shows me that I can easily maintain my size with not-so-great-food choices, and a wide window. Conversely it reminds me that I do need to be more disciplined if I want to switch back to burning body fat for energy.

Goal pants (ALLSAINTS) one month apart - no real change between fasting months five and six.  Goal pants (Community) one month apart - no real change between fasting months five and six.

➤ ➤ Goal Pants, Two Pairs

➤ ALLSAINTS, 30″ waist. I can fasten the entire button fly easily…but I still have too much butt to walk comfortably or to sit. The waist has a little give, but not enough to need a belt.

➤ Community, 29″ waist. Still hilariously too small. Not sure if I’ll even wear them when they do fit, low rises no longer appeal to me.

I stopped using Zero to track my fasts; two weeks of plugging in the same information got tedious and boring, so I stopped.

I am still very happy eating one meal a day (OMAD) and I don’t need an app to help motivate me to fast for 17-20 hours a day. Initially seeing the long green lines was motivating, but not anymore. I’m not looking for a replacement app, I just feel like Zero was my training wheels and I have outgrown them.

So here are my last recorded fasts in May. I think I’ll keep the app for a while longer, just to plug in more data points when I weigh because I do like graphs.

Why weigh?! It doesn't change my weight, so I don't stress about these numbers.  I stopped tracking my fasts because it became a hinderance. It was fun for 127 days though!

☞ Ready for more? Intermittent Fasting, Month Seven (June 2020)

Talking about six entire months of intermittent fasting; what was easy, challenging, plus photos. #fasting #IF #progressphotos

Talking about six entire months of intermittent fasting; what was easy, challenging, plus photos. #fasting #IF #progressphotos

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