Baby Schedule Snapshot, 12 Months 📍

Like my other baby-related posts, this is just information that I wish I had. This look is more wide than tight; meaning that it’s focused on the month as a whole instead of a single day. I am providing a daily schedule that we tried to stick to, but deviated a little here and there. Best is about 90 percent of the schedule 90 percent of the time.

For reference, Baby Jupiter was born full term, no complications, in December. I care for him full time, and love being a Stay At Home Writer. Mister Jupiter and I are a fun mix of “read all of the baby stuff” and “do whatever we want.”

If you like quick numbers, I’m your gal. If you want a practical glimpse of our lives – welcome.

Baby schedule snapshot! Here's an overview of my twelve-month old's life. #Baby #OneYear #BabySchedule #12months #toddler #taby

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In his entire twelfth month of life Baby Jupiter

  • Leveled up to having six entire teeth
  • Maintained his nap schedule with family while Mister Jupiter and I popped out of town for a week (to Hawaii!)
  • Had his first haircut
  • Still fits size three diapers, and nine month Carter’s onesies
  • Became a confident walker! Not always the most skilled, but he walks more than he crawls.

Here’s the schedule we generally followed:

8 a.m. Wake, feed milk & food, play
10 a.m. Nap two hours
12 p.m. Wake, feed milk & food, play
3 p.m. Nap, two hours
5 p.m. Wake, feed milk & food, play
7:30 p.m. Bedtime feed (milk)
7:45 p.m. In bed for the night

This schedule made Baby Jupiter very happy. Be advised that he doesn’t sleep as soon as we put him down for bed. He will stay up for an hour chatting (but not fussing), and puts himself to sleep eventually.

This was the month (his birth month) that he finally got interested in our food! Usually he would express a little curiosity at dinner, but then would dive into a good book instead. Now that he’s ready for more, we happily provide. Favorite foods have been avocado, hummus, cottage cheese, greek yogurt, buttered pancakes, egg bites, and anything in a pouch. We generally give him one pouch a day at lunch so he gets some fruit in his life.

Over the entire twelfth month I tallied

First Birthday kisses – incalculable

Dirty diapers – 41

Wet diapers – 144

Formula – 748oz
Cow milk – 26oz
Pumped breast milk – zero
Breast feeds – zero

We began the transition from formula to cow’s milk at the end of this month when we were all back home and settling back into our routines. I slowly changed the milk to formula ratio over two weeks until he was drinking all milk and Baby Jupiter never protested. It’s amazing how much money we’ve already saved by not buying formula – yay!

Gas drops – two drops per formula bottle

Probiotic – 22 servings

Baby food – 27 servings – Generally 4oz pouches, but ‘baby food’ here is anything that doesn’t require chewing. Mashed potatoes, hummus, and soups all count as baby food.

Solid food – seven meals – These require some chewing. Often this is an egg bite, or butter saturated pancake. Yum. Why so few? Because he wasn’t interested in trying our food until late in the month.

Tylenol – four doses

Gripe water – zero

Vitamin D drops – 4 doses before we finished that bottle.

This concludes my Baby Schedule Snapshot series! I’m happy you could join Baby Jupiter and I for these little moments.

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Tracey has a bachelor’s degree in Technical Writing from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. She loves editing, riding bikes, and cooking for her family.

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