Baby Schedule Snapshot, 9 Months 📍

Like my other baby-related posts, this is just information that I wish I had. This snapshot is more wide than tight; meaning that it’s focused on the month as a whole instead of a single day. I am providing a daily schedule that we tried to stick to, but I don’t recall how well we stuck to it. Best is about 80 percent of the schedule 80 percent of the time.

For reference, Baby Jupiter was born full term, no complications, in December. I care for him full time, along with his two dog-brothers. Mister Jupiter and I are a fun mix of “read all of the baby stuff” and “do whatever we want.”

If you like quick numbers, I’m your gal. If you want a practical glimpse of our lives – welcome.

Baby schedule snapshot! Here's an overview of my nine-month old's life. #Baby #NineMonthsOld #BabySchedule #9months

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In his entire ninth month of life Baby Jupiter

  • 6mo onesies were snug, 9mo was starting to fit
  • Moved up to Size 3 diapers – also switched from Pampers Swadders to Huggies Little Movers
  • Gained two teeth
  • Baby was still happy with his “up for two, down for one” schedule but I wanted more freedom. By now his nap environment was the same as bed time; white noise, cool dark room. No more sunshine naps (unless very tired in the car).
  • We started transitioning to two naps, each two hours long. It was “up for two, down for two, up for three, down for two” – not nearly as succinct when spoken. He still sleeps 12 hours each night

Here’s the schedule we tried to follow:
7 a.m. Wake, feed milk, play
9 a.m. Nap two hours
11 a.m. Wake, feed milk, play
1 p.m. Nap one hour
2 p.m. Wake, feed milk, play
4 p.m. Last nap, one hour
5 p.m. Wake, feed milk, play
6 p.m. Feed Purée
7:30 p.m. Bedtime feed (milk)
7:45 p.m. In bed for the night

As noted above, this month is when we dropped a nap. Baby Jup wasn’t fighting any naps, he was just able to stay awake longer before showing his tired signs (rubbing eyes, easy to cry, general clumsiness). This transition was welcomed because longer wake windows means that baby and I can run errands together without either one of us being too tired for the task.

Over the entire ninth month I tallied

Dirty diapers – 32

Wet diapers – 131

Formula – 692oz
Pumped breast milk – zero
Breast feeds – zero

The milk was barely hanging on during month seven, so we called it quits when Baby was eight months old. We quit breast feeding the day that I got my first cortisone shot, but honestly could have probably quit sooner. I stopped pumping weeks ago.

Gas drops – two drops per bottle daily

Probiotic – one serving daily

I mixed his probiotic drops in his second bottle of the day. I’m not sure if it really had a positive effect on his little baby gut, but it can’t hurt, right? If any of you can communicate with infant microbiota, please email me ASAP; I have questions.

Baby food – 21 servings – each serving increased to 3.5oz or 4oz

Tylenol – zero

Gripe water – zero

Vitamin D drops – 13 doses – Baby started drinking 24oz of formula each day, which is when our pediatrician said we didn’t need to supplement Vitamin D anymore. So the doses were given earlier in the month before baby showed that he wanted bigger bottles.

Baby schedule snapshot! Here's an overview of my three-month old's life. #Baby #ThreeMonthsOld #BabySchedule #3months  Baby schedule snapshot! Here's an overview of my six-month old's life. #Baby #SixMonthsOld #BabySchedule #6months  Baby schedule snapshot! Here's an overview of my nine-month old's life. #Baby #NineMonthsOld #BabySchedule #9months  Baby schedule snapshot! Here's an overview of my twelve-month old's life. #Baby #OneYear #BabySchedule #12months #toddler #taby

Baby schedule snapshot! Here's an overview of my nine-month old's life. #Baby #NineMonthsOld #BabySchedule #9months

Author: Tracey

Tracey has a bachelor’s degree in Technical Writing from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. She loves editing, riding bikes, and cooking for her family.

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