Baby schedule snapshot, 3 months 📍

Like other baby-related posts, this one is full of information that I wish I had. This snapshot is more wide than tight; meaning that it is focused on the month as a whole instead of a single day. I’m not stressing about a single day snapshot because those days were still kind of loosey goosey. I’ll share the schedule we tried to follow, but I know it wasn’t met most days.

For reference, Baby Jupiter was born full term, no complications. Also dressing him has already become a small challenge because he is a string bean not a butter ball. He’s the only (human) child, and I am a finicky Stay At Home Writer who records minute details.

If you like quick numbers, I’m your gal. If you want a practical glimpse of our lives – welcome.

Maintaining an infant human is work. Here's some data for you number-oriented parents. #LadyJupiter #BabyJupiter #raisinghumans #parenting

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First things first – this is NOT a sponsored post, but I could not have made it easily without Tally: The Anything Tracker developed by treebetty LLC. The free version is great, but limits the number of tallies you can create. I happily paid for premium and recommend it if you too enjoy digital tally keeping.

In his third month of life Baby

  • Outgrew his 0-3 month clothes
  • Started using size 1 diapers (Pampers Swaddlers)
  • Was an expert public napper! I walked him to the nearest cafe at least five times a week. He usually fell asleep in the cafe, or on the walk back home. We started these walks when he was two weeks old

Be advised that if you are looking for a pram attachment for a jogging stroller – be warned. It is hard to find because such attachments are illegal to sell in the USA (I suppose that some litigious American might jog with the pram and try to sue the makers over baby’s bodily injury). Babies can’t be jogged with until they can hold up their own head, and most recommend no jogging for the first six months. For the record I don’t jog at all (unless I see a donut in danger of falling), so jogging with the pram was 100 percent not happening.

Here’s the schedule we tried to follow – it’s alternating 1.5 hour blocks:
7 a.m. Wake, feed, play
8:30 a.m. Nap 1.5 hours
10 a.m. Wake, feed, play
11:30 a.m. Nap 1.5 hours
1 p.m. Wake, feed, play
2:30 p.m. Nap 1.5 hours
4 p.m. Wake, feed, play
5:30 p.m.-7 p.m. Miscellaneous – bathe, play, short nap; whatever we needed
7 p.m. Bedtime feed
7:30 p.m. In bed for the night

Our usual deviations were nursing to sleep (including most naps). Speaking of, the nap locations were on a regular rotation. First nap was with me in my arms, second nap was in his pram, then remaining naps were in my arms, his crib, or his car seat if we were out. This adaptability slowly waned as Baby grew more attentive and curious.

For the record, Baby Jupiter learned to sleep through the night fairly easily. He got the ball rolling by being super sleepy for his 2am feed – so that was the first to get dropped. We dropped the other middle of the night feeds by front loading his meals so he got used to eating in the daytime, and sleeping at night. It was a slow process (took about two weeks), but he embraced the new world order!

Over the entire third month I tallied

Dirty diapers – 28

Wet diapers – 179

Formula – 387oz (Enfamil NeuroPro Gentlease)
Pumped breast milk – 191oz
Breast feeds – 191, usually five per day

Baby Jupiter has been combo fed from the beginning. It was clear early on that he was easily gassy and that made him uncomfortable (we understand!). After a little researching, then trial and error we landed on Enfamil. Also, most of his bottles were combinations of formula topped off with breast milk.

Around this time I got better at making bottles at night, so that when Mister Jupiter was on shift he only had to warm and feed; no mixing with a fussy baby. To keep my tally on track I topped each bottle with a Post-It Page Marker specifying contents; “2oz F + 2oz B.” Mister would shift the labels to the kitchen counter, and when I was up again I would update the Tally, then discard the labels. Worked great for us!

Gas drops – started applying 2 drops per bottle (instead of oral administration)
This was the real lifesaver. Plus, it’s fun to watch simethicone dissolve the bubbles! And for what it’s worth I think that WalMart’s Parent’s Choice gas drops barely work. It does flatten the bubbles…if left overnight (or at least a few hours). However Little Remedies brand gas drops work better and faster! I put two drops in the bottle before shaking to mix the formula, and the bubbles are entirely gone before I get the bottles in the fridge.

Q. You shook water, formula, breast milk, AND gas drops…TOGETHER?!
A. Yep! Opinions are divided about the fragility of breast milk, and some are convinced that shaking breast milk to mix with formula breaks the proteins. It doesn’t. A martini-like shake isn’t going to break your breast milk, but a centrifuge might.

Probiotic – 13 days (I couldn’t find our preferred brand locally…then I remembered that Amazon had it. Oy vey.)

Gripe Water – nine uses

Gripe water was one of our favorite things to try when Baby is inconsolable during the day as we were learning about what made Baby Jupiter sad. Gripe water was best to calm the middle of the night sudden cries; his belly was full, diaper was clean, room was comfortable temperature, and so on.

On the occasion that nothing was calming him down, I would hold him upright, and lightly press his cheek into mine, then I would hum something slow and low (like Over The Rainbow in as low of a register as possible). I think he liked the vibration on his little head. Don’t be super loud though – that little baby ear is practically on the speaker. Start loud enough to get baby’s attention, then lower the volume to soothe and calm.

Ready for more? Here’s

Maintaining an infant human is work. Here's some data for you number-oriented parents. #LadyJupiter #BabyJupiter #raisinghumans #parenting

Maintaining an infant human is work. Here's some data for you number-oriented parents. #LadyJupiter #BabyJupiter #raisinghumans #parenting


Baby schedule snapshot! Here's an overview of my three-month old's life. #Baby #ThreeMonthsOld #BabySchedule #3months

Baby schedule snapshot! Here's an overview of my three-month old's life. #Baby #ThreeMonthsOld #BabySchedule #3months

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