Baby schedule snapshot, 6 months 📍

Like my other baby-related posts, this is full of information that I wish I had. This snapshot is more wide than tight; meaning that it’s focused on the month as a whole instead of a single day. I am providing a daily schedule that we tried to stick to, but I don’t recall how well we stuck to it. Best is about 80 percent of the schedule 80 percent of the time.

For reference, Baby Jupiter was born full term, no complications. I care for him full time, along with his two dog-brothers. Mister Jupiter and I are a fun mix of “read all of the baby stuff” and “do whatever we want.”

If you like quick numbers, I’m your gal. If you want a practical glimpse of our lives – welcome.

Baby schedule snapshot! Here's an overview of my six-month old's life. #Baby #SixMonthsOld #BabySchedule #6months

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In his entire sixth month of life Baby

  • Was already sleeping through the night, 7pm to 7am. Small sleep regression early in his sixth month after we moved. Baby was sleeping in his own room for the first time, and only needed to CIO (cry it out) for two nights to break the 10pm wake up
  • Figured out that he can control the walker – and he loved it
  • Loves hummus, and anything smooth and spoonable
  • Was in a steady nap schedule “up for two down for one.” He kept the nap schedule surprisingly well after we moved
  • Outgrew 3mo onesies, packed those away

Here’s the schedule we tried to follow:
7 a.m. Wake, feed milk, play
9 a.m. Nap 1-2 hours
11 a.m. Wake, feed milk
11:30 a.m. Feed puree or attempt finger food
12:30 p.m. Nap two hours
2:30-3:00 p.m. Wake, feed milk, play
4 p.m. Play with food
5 p.m. Nap if fussy, one hour max
6 p.m. Definitely play
7 p.m. Bedtime feed
7:30 p.m. In bed for the night

This month we moved, so everything changed. I stopped messing with non-milk meals, and when we set up his room we sleep trained naps.

The above schedule was easier to mostly follow than it looks. The finger food suggestions were the ones that we generally didn’t do because Baby didn’t show that kind of interest in our food yet. He liked sampling my yogurt or having some hummus, but otherwise he was happy to play with his toys while I ate nearby. He is very happy being spoon fed, and eats anything I give him. Right now I am happy with his willingness to enjoy diverse nibbles.

If you’re reading this immediately after reading another Snapshot, you may notice that there are new tallied items. Yay! This is exactly why the paid version of Tally: The Anything Tracker is great; I can add and remove tallies as needed.

Baby Jupiter turned six months old in June. Over the entire month of June I tallied:

Dirty diapers – 24

Wet diapers – 159

Formula – 592oz
Pumped breast milk – 112oz
Breast feeds – 112, usually four per day

Gas drops – two drops per bottle daily

Probiotic – 25 servings, was apparently out for the first five days of June

Baby food – 14 servings – started this month! First servings were 2oz each.

Tylenol – five doses, used to bring down low-grade fevers, or to otherwise help a fussy baby sleep

Gripe water – zero

Vitamin D drops – 29 doses, applied to his first morning bottle

Baby schedule snapshot! Here's an overview of my three-month old's life. #Baby #ThreeMonthsOld #BabySchedule #3months  Baby schedule snapshot! Here's an overview of my six-month old's life. #Baby #SixMonthsOld #BabySchedule #6months  Baby schedule snapshot! Here's an overview of my nine-month old's life. #Baby #NineMonthsOld #BabySchedule #9months  Baby schedule snapshot! Here's an overview of my twelve-month old's life. #Baby #OneYear #BabySchedule #12months #toddler #taby

Baby schedule snapshot! Here's an overview of my six-month old's life. #Baby #SixMonthsOld #BabySchedule #6months

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