I bought a Cycledesk, Week Four 📍

This is the third installment of my Cycledesk Progress series that was inspired by an image on Pinterest that read “In two weeks you’ll feel it, in four weeks you’ll see it, in eight weeks you’ll hear it.” This is the four week mark!

If you want to start at the beginning here is I Bought a Cycledesk, Week Zero.

So I Bought...a cycledesk! You know when you work from home and need to move more? I got a cycledesk to get moving - here's what changed (and stayed the same). #LadyJupiter #SoIBought #progress

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As usual, I try to cycle everyday, but I was down with a horrible cold (that is still lingering) and missed three entire days. However I still cycled plenty and increased my average to 168 minutes on the cycle days.

Butt soreness was only an issue in the first week. Now I feel like I could ride in the Iron Butt Rally. Speaking of butts, my hip measurement is the same but my pants seem to fit a little better. It doesn’t add up, but I am happy with this progress and will keep cycling.

Week Four – “You’ll see it”
13 February
Hip Measurement: 39″ (no change since Week Zero)

  • I don’t see anything in particular, but my thighs feel more muscular, and I wish that I measured them too
  • Since the Week Two update I have cycled 1,850 minutes (4,005 minutes since assembly)
  • Since the Week Two update I have increased tension to number five (maximum is eight)

Ready for the finale? Here you go:

Author: Tracey

Tracey has a bachelor’s degree in Technical Writing from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. She loves editing, riding bikes, and cooking for her family.

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