I bought a Cycledesk, Week Eight 📍

This is the fourth installment of my Cycledesk Progress series that was inspired by an image on Pinterest that read “In two weeks you’ll feel it, in four weeks you’ll see it, in eight weeks you’ll hear it.” This is the eight week mark.

If you want to start at the beginning here is I Bought a Cycledesk, Week Zero.

This series began with the assembly of one cycledesk and a plan. Now that the results are in, the goal has changed slightly and I hope you enjoy this simple journey with me.

So I Bought...a cycledesk! You know when you work from home and need to move more? I got a cycledesk to get moving - here's what changed (and stayed the same). #LadyJupiter #SoIBought #progress

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I can’t believe it’s been an entire month since I saw you last! Be advised I don’t look like a super model, so I apologize if you were hoping for an Insta-perfect solution with amazing before and after photos that claim that it was easy. Not here, move along.

I think I look the same. Mister Jupiter claims to see a difference, but I don’t see it. My hips measure the same 39″ but I am certain that my thighs slimmed down. I didn’t measure them, so I cannot truthfully include them in my evidence-based post.

Having this cycledesk has served the purpose for which it was bought; I can use my laptop while in motion. My intended result was not getting larger & not feeling like a total bum when I (intellectually) work all day. Losing some butt-fluff was my stretch goal that was not met. Other users may lose weight (or inches), however my casual use hasn’t been enough to see measurable changes. Remember folks –abs are made in the kitchen, and I haven’t changed my diet. #RealLife

Week Eight – “You’ll hear it”
13 March
Hip Measurement: 39″ (no change since Week Zero)

  • Husband has been the only one to compliment me, so I haven’t heard compliments outside of the house. Please note that I am a pseudo-hermit with a mohawk…so I only hear comments about my general presence or my hair
  • Since the Week Four update I have cycled 3,090 minutes (7,095 minutes since assembly)
  • Since the Week Four update I have maintained tension at number five (six or more distracts me from typing)
    I bought a cycledesk and I am tracking my progress now that I can work and cycle at the same time #deskercise #workathome #nomakeup  I bought a cycledesk and I am tracking my progress now that I can work and cycle at the same time #deskercise #workathome #nomakeup

While this is the technical end of this series, I think it would be fun to keep going until I actually lose an inch at the hips. Besides, if the focus changes to losing one inch then I am more likely to get back to the gym and use weights without worrying about skewing my results because the focus isn’t a cycledesk anymore.

So…I’ll be back later when I get serious about losing that inch 😉


Since writing this blog post I had a baby, and had more size to deal with.
Luckily I did find something that works. Remember earlier when I wrote that I hadn’t changed my diet? Well I didn’t need to change what I ate, I needed to change when I ate; intermittent fasting is working for me – I am visibly shrinking each month.
This journey has also been recorded and it starts here: Intermittent Fasting for Autophagy and Designer Denim, Month Zero.

Author: Tracey

Tracey has a bachelor’s degree in Technical Writing from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. She loves editing, riding bikes, and cooking for her family.

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