I Bought a Cycledesk, Week Zero 📍

I did it. Shortly after researching and writing about deskercising, I went on and bought a cycledesk. I wanted one right away, so instead of saving up I used my leather jacket fund. I have no regrets.

While waiting on the cycledesk to arrive I saw an image on Pinterest that declared “In two weeks you’ll feel it, in four weeks you’ll see it, in eight weeks you’ll hear it.”   — Challenge accepted.

So…I’ve never been a cyclist. I only had simple kids bikes as a child or as an adult who didn’t want to deal with parking in downtown Sacramento. Stationary bikes at the gym never appealed to me. But working at home results in a lot of sitting, and I need to write and move -because if I’m writing and editing for hours I might as well move at the same time. I decided that using a cycledesk was the best way to keep me moving while I use my laptop. 

So I Bought...a cycledesk! You know when you work from home and need to move more? I got a cycledesk to get moving - here's what changed (and stayed the same). #LadyJupiter #SoIBought #progress

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So, let’s see if working at a cycledesk will help me shed this winter fluff (that we all know has lasted longer than one winter, ahem). I am simply going to keep up with my hip measurement. Why not weight? Because we don’t own a scale (but we all know that one pound of fat is physically larger than one pound of muscle, so numbers don’t mean much when I am interested in losing mass). Truly this endeavor has a simple goal: I want to wear my old clothes. Especially some great dresses and skirts. I want them back, but I can’t fit them over my butt right now.

Week Zero – The Beginning
16 January
Hip Measurement: 39″

  • I am using this cycledesk, and wearing these feast-friendly jersey yoga pants.
  • Please note that I did not install the back rest on the cycledesk, so mine looks a little different than the manufacturer intended.
  • My diet won’t be changing. Mister Jupiter and I enjoy full fat dairy, whole eggs, and we like a drink. But I don’t eat fast food, or drink soda (unless it’s hard root beer).
  • I am simply cycling while using my laptop in the office. Reading, writing, etcetera.

Ready for more? Here you go:

Author: Tracey

Tracey has a bachelor’s degree in Technical Writing from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. She loves editing, riding bikes, and cooking for her family.

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