Waikiki Part Two

Be advised – this post is aimed directly at my biggest little brother (yo, T), this way he can easily bookmark this page for reference – no need to recall a starred email or scroll through text messages.

I’ll add photos later for my readers! Photos are in, enjoy.

Waikiki notes for my brother - any any other honeymooners in Honolulu! #eating #drinking #hawaii #oahu

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links that help support LadyJupiter.com, you understand.

For the record, I consider Five Favorites in Hawaii, O’ahu to be Part One – so this post stays on Waikiki and has a few more notes. Instead of a leisurely read, this post is written for those HONEYMOONERS IN WAIKIKI *ahem* so you’re not going to be glued to your phone reading blog posts, but you might like to have a few places to go. So…allonsy!

The brunch that got away. Photo from December 2019. #Dean&Deluca #RitzCarlton #Hawaii

1/12 • DEAN & DELUCA (google map link) – Ritz Carlton

Keep this one on your brunch radar. Personally I didn’t have their brunch, but that was only because we ran out of time. We walked over for coffee almost everyday. Be advised that there’s another D&D in the ground floor of the Royal Hawaiian Center, but I don’t think they offer a brunch service.

Few things are better than Japanese food courts, and this is my favorite yokocho in the USA (so far)! Let's nibble hanpen fish cakes - yum. #waikikiyokocho #hawaii #japanesefood

2/12 • WAIKIKI YOKOCHO (google map link) – Basement of Waikiki Shopping Plaza

Surprise passport to Tokyo! As you know, Mister and I quite like Japan, especially the food. Waikiki Yokocho is an authentic Japanese food court, well, you can order in English so that feels weird, but it’s great and we went there a lot. At minimum, go grab some volcano ramen and grab a green tea froyo on the way to Nomu where I quite like their chu-hi (cheap booze) with hanpen fish (no American equivalent – remind me to show you a photo).

If you like island rums, you have to have a mai tai at the hotel that started making them in the first place! #royalhawaiian #maitaibar #honolulu #waikiki

3/12 • MAI TAI BAR (google map link) – Royal Hawaiian Hotel, accessible beachside
Our favorite bar! They made the first mai tais, so they have the most practice and make these the best. Food menu is good too, I recommend the chopped salad. Not a thrifty place though, Mister Jupiter and I easily ate and drank $70+ each visit. NO RAGRETS.

Surfers rice is fast, filling, and oh so delicious. If you're going to Honolulu soon, there's a place in Queen's Beach that you've got to visit! #honolulu #hawaii #surfersrice #spam

4/12 • BAREFOOT BEACH CAFE @QUEEN’S BEACH (google map link)

Get the Surfer’s rice (with Spam and an egg)! Yum. Super nice reward for walking to Queen’s Beach from Waikiki.

Customizable poké is life. #HawaiiPokeDon #poké #waikiki

5/12 • SHAKA POKE-DON (google map link) – Basement of Waikiki Shopping Plaza, but different entrance from Waikiki Yokocho
Customizable poké! I don’t know how you and K. feel about poké, but if you want to mix your main fish with other sauces and toppings – go here. Indoor seating available maybe for six people, so you may need to take your order to-go if someone is dining in.

Thinking about Duke's Waikiki. #patioseating #DukesWaikiki

6/12 • DUKE’S WAIKIKI (google map link) – Outrigger

Good food on the beach! Beachside dining has a separate seating host, and that side opens up around four or five pm. Otherwise you’ll need see the regular host from the Outrigger. Good food and good drinks, recommended!

Sandwiches and wraps for days! ABC Stores are the conbini I wish the rest of the USA had. #ABCstores #freshsammies #beachfood

7/12 • ABC STORES (google map link) – Royal Hawaiian Center
This should link you to store #31 in the Royal Hawaiian Center – regardless, you’re going to see an ABC store every 500 feet in Waikiki. It may seem excessive to American eyes, but this is normal for their Japanese clientele. In Japan they are called conbini, and they carry the same prestige as a nice grocery store. You can rely on ABC for souvenir macadamias, sandwiches for lunch on the beach, and cheap drinks to take to the hotel. The one in Royal Hawaiian is bigger than others in the area – lots of options – also, don’t forget to use your reusable shopping bags here!

Dry Bar has a great bar, highly recommended. #drybarwaikiki #hairandcocktails

8/12 • DRYBAR (google map link) – International Marketplace

It’s a hair salon with a bar! I popped in for walk-in hair doing, and Mister Jupiter had a great time talking with the bartender. This isn’t a must-do, but if you two are walking through the International Marketplace and you see it (first floor) – stop in for a glass of wine.

Burger & Sushi is a diamond in the rough. Juicy burgers and refreshing lomi lomi salmon. #burgers #lomilomisalmon #waikiki

9/12 • BURGER & SUSHI (google map link) – Hawaiian Monarch

Great hole-in-the-wall place! Surprisingly large menu, small interior space. If you need something salty get the lomi lomi salmon.

I do love a diner. Get the Mac Nut Roll, yum. #CinnamonsHawaii #CinnamonsWaikiki #coffeeandmimosa

10/12 • CINNAMON’S (google map link) – Ilikai

Yum. You (dear brother) have probably eaten at a Cinnamon’s before, but this one is still worth noting for a solid meal. I like their macadamia roll with a mimosa.

Fort DeRussy Armed Forces Recreation Center is a public beachfront park. #palmtrees #FortDeRussy #HonoluluHI

11/12 • FORT DERUSSY BEACH PARK (google map link)

Just a nice piece of beach with a park attached. Good photo spot.

12/12 • H&M (google map link) – Waikiki Business Plaza

Standard H&M, just good to know where one is in case you need more shorts. I didn’t tell you about that one time in Chicago where my shoe fell apart and I shopped in my socks in H&M, and walked out in shoes like a normal person. It happened.

That’s the list, biggest little brother! Love you and K.

Waikiki notes for my brother - any any other honeymooners in Honolulu! #eating #drinking #hawaii #oahu


Author: Tracey

Tracey has a bachelor’s degree in Technical Writing from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. She has one amazing husband and two fluffy beasts.

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