Air Plant Placement & Care

Funny story. On Monday I decided that I should write about how to care for air plants because I don’t have a green thumb and thought I could write about not killing air plants. On Tuesday I discovered that I had killed an air plant. *audible groan*

Talking about air plants today! These little guys thrive in humidity and are generally easy. #LadyJupiter #AirPlants #blackthumb

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Sigh. But what am I besides honest? A plant killer.

Black thumbs aside, I love air plants. They are simple and usually small, easy to move, and as long as they are still green -they are alive.

Mr. Jupiter and I moved into a big house in June 2017, and I really wanted to have a plant every 10 feet. I was interested in the plants cleaning the air a bit while simply adding healthy pops of green. However, my hopes were dashed when my dogs decided that the new house was a perfect indoor running track and that indoor plants were great on-the-go snacks. I didn’t want a house full of cacti because I didn’t want to pull cactus needles out of dog noses. I didn’t want elaborate macrame hangers for office-friendly greens because they’re not my style. Finally I found air plants.

What are air plants? Simply, they are plants that do not require soil to grow. Some may grow roots, but they are just anchors, not nutrient delivery systems. Instead, air plants absorb moisture and nutrients through their leaves. Unless you have a rainforest in your home, you will need to water them. A soak will do them once a week, and maybe some extra misting during dry winters.

Air plants were just what I needed, albeit a little smaller than I wanted. Green, low maintenance, easy to move, and affordable. I bought four small ones from a garden center in Kansas City, but you can buy them online too. I bought medium sized glass globes for their homes and one water bottle. I had a lot of fun placing them around the house. I decided on 1) kitchen, 2) dining room, 3) mantle, and 4) guest bathroom. They all receive indirect light, but the kitchen plant gets full sun on clear mornings. Each plant gets a quick misting every Sunday, but more for the sunny kitchen plant.

I bought my plants and glass separately, but plant lots and plants with glass sets do exist! If a one-and-done package is best for you, definitely read the reviews and ask questions.

Remember the plant that I killed? It was a teachable moment for me. I realized that it got the least amount of sun (because I wasn’t opening the dining room blinds in the morning once fall arrived). And it was about five feet away from an air vent, but once cold weather came we started using the heater. So the little guy was doomed. Little sunlight then too much warm air. It was a recipe for disaster.

I just bought a replacement plant. It was only $8 at the same garden center where I got the first batch. I already placed it on the mantle in its new home and I am looking forward to keeping it alive. (Fingers crossed!)

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Do you keep plants alive? What are your favorite indoor plants if you have the magic touch?


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Quick post today about a sunny bathroom favorite - air plants! #airplants #houseplants #easy  Quick post today about a sunny bathroom favorite - air plants! #airplants #houseplants #easy

#milspouse #milblogger #airplants Air Plant Care Placement & Care

Air Plant Placement + Care #milspouse #milblogger #airplants

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