Five Favorites in Lubbock, Texas

It seems fitting that my Travel posts should start where I started; Lubbock, Texas. Lubbock “The Hub City” or “Dirt City” is in West Texas, at the bottom of the panhandle. It’s a college town and the diverse population drawn in by Texas Tech University helps drive a variety of shops and restaurants.

Five favorites in my hometown; Lubbock, Texas. #LadyJupiter #FiveFaves #favorites #5Faves

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I lived there for ~19 years, my husband (Mister Jupiter) lived there for about 11 years. We both graduated from Lubbock High School, as did Buddy Holly, and moved away before we were 20. Over the years we have only visited for hours, maybe even days at a time. This means that our Lubbock, Texas favorites are a little dated.

Here are my 5 Favorites in Lubbock, Texas, as if I were organizing a day trip for you:

J&B Coffee (2701 26th St, Lubbock, TX 79410)

This is where to go for delicious coffee and happy baristas. The atmosphere is always calm and welcoming. I heard that some of my colorful espresso mugs are still in use -I sure hope they are! Limited patio seating may house smokers in the day time and guitarists in the night. Live music is often played inside also, check their Facebook page to see who’s playing. And always, tip your barista well.

TTU Library (2802 18th Street, Lubbock, Texas 79409)

I have always loved this particular library. Of course it’s quiet and smells like books, and has SO MANY TITLES, but the lobby has water features built in to the cool marble, and plants around just making oxygen. If you’ve been running errands at WalMart, and feel that humanity is doomed, pause. Go to this library, it’s a literal oasis in the desert. Not enrolled at TTU? No big, just read what you want inside, and don’t try to leave with a book.

Silent Wings Museum (6202 N Interstate 27, Lubbock, Texas 79403)

This is a recommendation from Mr. Jupiter; I have never been! He says that it is “as awe inspiring as the World War I Museum in Kansas City, just smaller.” Wikipedia says “The museum is located on the site of World War II South Plains Army Air Field, where glider pilots were trained between 1942 and 1945, after which time they were required also to command skills in powered flight. The Lubbock site was chosen for the glider school because of its dry, warm weather, mostly clear skies, and goodwill in the local community.” Husband says that this is a must see for folks interested in aviation and military history.

Thai Thai (5018 50th St, Lubbock, TX 79414)

A favorite. Thai Thai defined green curry for me, and made me love jasmine rice. It is in a former McDonalds, so you may recognize the layout and floor tiles. When making their menu the owner decided to phonetically spell out each dish so that when you say it you’re speaking correct Thai, and not just guessing. So thoughtful.

Inkfluence Tattoos (1408 Avenue Q, Lubbock, Texas 79401)

I have been mostly loyal to this shop since I was 18. There’s something special about smelling green soap and hearing tattoo machines buzz. This shop is super clean, and each artist is highly skilled. Even when I lived in California I still managed to get down to Lubbock just so Annie could tattoo me. Most of my tattoos are by her hand, but my largest single-sitting piece is Tim’s handiwork. The shop accepts credit cards, but no drunks.

Bonus recommendation from Mr. Jupiter! He also says that the American Windmill Museum is certainly worth a visit. And I haven’t been here either! Maybe it’s becoming obvious that he’s the aviator and I’m the writer. Regardless, he says that it’s list-worthy, and I look forward to visiting too. 1701 Canyon Lake Drive, Lubbock, Texas 79403

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PS – While researching this article, I inevitably discovered some closures (such as Uncommon Graphics (the boutique, not the frame shop), and Gardski’s Loft). If you, dear reader, know that any of the above places has closed, please let me know so I can update this post.
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