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As the title implies, this is a glorified note. Why blog about it? Same reason that I talk about recipes on my podcast; it’s easy to reference when I need to quickly recall information and my brain isn’t keeping up.

There’s a charming metaphor that your brain is a glacier, and that each piece of information is a penguin. Glaciers have finite space, and when it’s full, a new penguin inevitably pushes off an other penguin. This is a great metaphor for not remembering every single thing that you encounter. So I am using this space to gather my “Legging Info-Penguins,” before I show them the door.

Why do I want to free up mental space? Because I want to. Feeling overloaded sucks. Besides, I read somewhere that Albert Einstein wrote down his address because he was busy using his mind for other things. If a renowned theoretical physicist needed to write down his home address for easy reference, I surely can write public notes about leggings for easy reference too.

This post really exists to collect my penguins because EVERY WEEK I put on a certain pair, and say “oof – I forgot that I love these” or “oof – these need to GTFO.” This note will help me only buy the ones I love, and remind me why some of the lower priced options were not my favorite. Since this is about leggings I will try (for both of our sakes) to note fit.


Disclosure: This site contains affiliate links; I may earn a tiny commission from purchases.

These were bought online, not in-store
First things first – my leggings now are bought online. Life with a toddler eliminates most in-store clothes shopping (especially dressing rooms), and then COVID-19 happened. So…thank you online retailers.

I need a high waist and pockets
Now I know why “mom jeans” are high waisted. They are comfortable, and my squishy belly flesh easily spills over mid and low rise pants – that spillage is not comfortable.
Also I need easy-to-use pockets to hold my phone while I carry a toddler or otherwise cannot hold the phone in my hand. Thanks to…persons unknown, phones are bigger and women’s pants pockets are often unusably shallow when present.

Why leggings in general? Why not joggers?
Personal preference. Mostly because stepping over the baby gate is monumentally easier when my pants are closer to my skin. Plus, most leggings makers place their pockets at mid-thigh instead of at the waist (traditional pants), or knees (cargo pants). This mid-thigh placement is PERFECT because I can easily reach my phone, and until then it’s comfortable and not in the way. Who am I to argue with perfection?

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  • Thanks to my OOTD posts I have photos handy, so I will use those.
  • I’m going to sort these so my favorites are on the top.
  • Pro and con info-penguins will be listed under each photo for easy reference.

Outfits of the Day, Q1! Daily outfits of a milspo who likes traveling once in a while. #LadyJupiter #OOTD #DailyOutfits #February #Q1 #Late30s #Milspouse #AFwife

Outfits of the Day, Q4! The public closet of a hobby podcaster. #LadyJupiter #OOTD #DailyOutfits #November #Q4 #WomenWithADHD #Late30s

Outfit of the day May 30. #OOTD #dailyoutfit #MackageLeather
Green pocket leggings – from Amazon, medium.
✔︎ High waist, full length, two pockets, many colors!
✘ Kind of thin – no athletic compression/warmth

Outfits of the Day June 22. #OOTD #summer #over35 #leggings
Single pocket leggings – from Amazon, medium.
✔︎ Bright colors, full length, high waist, affordable multi-pack
✘ One pocket on right side only

Outfits of the Day July 3. #OOTD #summer #over35 #SPACEPANTS
Space pants pocket leggings – from Amazon, medium.
✔︎ Fun prints, good pockets, full length, high waist
✘ Elastic band sewn into waist

Outfit of the day March 20. #OOTD #dailyoutfit #socialdistancingBlack high-waisted capri leggings w/pockets, large.
✔︎ High waist, good pockets, available on Subscribe & Save
✘ No other length or color options

Outfit of the day March 5. #OOTD #dailyoutfit #lululemon #scubahoodie
Dark pink capri leggings w/pockets, large (the fabric is perforated under the pocket)
✔︎ High waist, good pockets
✘ Fun colors are capri-length only

Outfit of the day December 25. #OOTD #NotAFashionBlogger #WhatIWore #ootdshare #ADIDAS
Red pocket leggings – Aerie, large.
✔︎ Breathable cotton, high waist, good pockets
✘ Thrifted, so exact style unknown

Outfit of the day March 12. #OOTD #dailyoutfit #ododos
Orange pocket capri leggings – from Amazon, large (fits small).
✔︎ Cost (this color was on sale at the time)
✘ Was mid-rise not high rise

Outfit of the day April 11. #OOTD #dailyoutfit #COVID-19 #marbleprint
Marble print pocket leggings – from Amazon, large (runs small).
✔︎ Fun colors, large pockets
✘ Thick elastic sewn into waist

Outfit of the day December 6. #OOTD #NotAFashionBlogger #WhatIWore #ootdshare
B&W Pocket leggings – ODODOS, large.
✔︎ Space dye gray coloration 
✘  Was mid-rise and tended to roll down

That’s it for now! I’ll update this post when I buy new leggings online, and I will keep the ranking; favorites on the top, not-favorites at the bottom (the dates on photos are irrelevant).

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Tracey has a bachelor’s degree in Technical Writing from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. She loves editing, riding bikes, and cooking for her family.

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