Picks of the Week № 30 📍

Hello, week № 30! 

At the time of writing COVID-19 is surging again in the United States, and we’re not locked down…but it’s not safe out there, especially unsafe for recreational travel. Despite this damper, I am still looking forward to traveling in the future.

So while we hunker down I am making sure that my travel gear is ready to go for our next adventure. These new additions will be perfect for planes, trains, and automobiles!

Picks of the Week, № 30. Quick chat about travel picks that I can't wait to use out of the house. Until then, these are great at home too!

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Here are my five favorites this week:

  • Athletic Greens
  • Neoprene duffel bag
  • Sephora multi-use oil
  • LED tooth whitening kit
  • Multiple format USB charger

— Athletic Greens
This is a green drink powder that I love. It’s the most nutrient dense green drink I have found that’s ALSO available in travel-friendly packets.

Picks of the Week, № 30. Quick chat about travel picks that I can't wait to use out of the house. Until then, these are great at home too! #LadyJupiter #picksoftheweek

These packets run about $3 a serving – about the same as a latte. I don’t drink one everyday, I save them for days where I feel like I need a nutritional boost because Athletic Greens makes me feel great. Now I just need to pick a collagen packet set so I can carry a “full meal” in my carryon bag.

— Neoprene Duffel Bag
Speaking of carryons – I dislike checking in bags. Anytime that I am so separated from my toiletries I get anxious that my bag will get lost (especially with international travel). So I travel as lightly as possible; small hardshell case and a practical personal bag. It’s not unusual for me to buy a new shampoo or moisturizer at my destination because I didn’t have a travel-size tiny version.

Picks of the Week, № 30. Quick chat about travel picks that I can't wait to use out of the house. Until then, these are great at home too! #LadyJupiter #picksoftheweek

Usually my personal bag (a.k.a. lady purse) is either my regular purse or a slim leather backpack. Since my last travels I learned about Dagne Dover and their neoprene duffel bags with trolley sleeves. A trolley sleeve allows you to thread your bag onto your upright luggage handle so you can run to your next connection without your personal bag falling off. I needed one, so I got one.

I love the available colors, but chose plain black for versatility. This is now my official travel bag that is washable (after touching airplane carpets – gross), has a handy crossbody strap, trolley sleeve, matching mesh pouch, thoughtfully designed interior, and since it is generally plain and black Mister Jupiter can carry it when in uniform if needed, and Kid Jupiter can use it in the future without looking like a kid using his Mom’s purse. These things matter!

— Sephora Multi-use Oil
In one word “LOVE” in two words “COCONUT LOVE.”

Picks of the Week No. 30, just sharing my love of Sephora's multi-use oil. Also, enjoy this makeup-less non-touched up photo! #healthyskin #mid30s

It’s not news that I love Sephora, I love coconut oil, and I prefer to wear oil instead of lotion or body creams. So when Sephora introduced their brand coconut & grapeseed oil blend I needed a bottle right away. The scent is perfect for me; it’s coconutty but not overwhelming. The oil sinks in with a little time, and feels wonderful. My only regret is that this little bottle will last so long that I won’t need another one any time soon.

Oils are a travel favorite to combat dry air, and travel stresses. It’s not uncommon to find me in an airport restroom between flights covering my face with oil, massaging my lymph nodes a bit, then wiping off excess oil before heading back out. This is fast and easy because I also don’t wear makeup – but in my makeup-wearing past I would simply oil up the moment I was settled into my hotel room and could relax and let it soak in.

— LED Tooth Whitening Kit
Why didn’t I have one of these sooner?!

Picks of the Week, № 30. Quick chat about travel picks that I can't wait to use out of the house. Until then, these are great at home too! #LadyJupiter #picksoftheweek

I’m a huge fan of using lights for things, and I like having white teeth (despite my love of black coffee, beets, blueberry compote, etc.), so using a blue light in my mouth is obviously something that I would use and love.

I tried a cheaper version in the past and didn’t like it (it was a battery-operated light that only brightens up the very front teeth). But this USB kit has multiple blue-white LEDs in a tray that you put in your mouth. So you get more lights in there, and with an included peroxide gel you can get visible results in just one use. When you’re using it you don’t want to dilute the gel with saliva, so I use it while lying in bed. I just zone out and listen to a book for ten minutes, then get up to rinse my mouth and the LED mouthpiece. This is hands down the most effective home whitening treatment I have used.

The multiple device dongle is a nice touch, so it’s easy to use with any phone as a power source. So next time I get out of the house, I’ll definitely be making my teeth extra bright for the travel photos!

— Multiple Format USB Charger
Speaking about multiple-device-friendly cords this is a winner for charging.

Picks of the Week, № 30. Quick chat about travel picks that I can't wait to use out of the house. Until then, these are great at home too! #LadyJupiter #picksoftheweek

iPhone? Got it. Micro USB (our Kindles)? Obvs. USB C (Android users)? Yeah!

Those three options all on a USB charger is a dream come true. I keep one in my kitchen that we use for all of our devices. It’s so handy that I bought another one strictly for traveling. The red color makes it easy to see, and the braided nylon exterior lets it bend and flex without fraying. This is especially satisfying in hotel rooms that have USB ports in the outlets, but otherwise I carry a basic wall USB plug because we have so many of them.

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Author: Tracey

Tracey has a bachelor’s degree in Technical Writing from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. She loves editing, riding bikes, and cooking for her family.

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