Why I Quit Instagram (again) 📍

It seems like forever ago that I was a happy Instagram user. It was around winter 2012, and into 2013 that I really enjoyed everything Instagram.

I loved it because I love seeing photos from my family and friends. But then everybody started sharing their IG posts on Facebook. What’s the point of scrolling through Facebook just to see half of what I already saw on Instagram? Unnecessary repetition is a real time suck.

Then the ads. Then Vine. I was fed up. So I disappeared and slowly stopped receiving confused text messages from people who tried tagging me. Do I regret it? Meh, not entirely. I have two cousins that I miss seeing their updates -because besides IG they are off the social media radar. Good thing cell phones are phones too! 

A dated post about why I (again) walked away from Instagram, and for good this time! #LadyJupiter #AdiosInstagram #quitting

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I am plagued by…redundant posts and…advertising

I recently started Instagram again, with the launch of ladyjupiter.com. I hadn’t used it since Facebook bought the service. So suddenly I have two accounts instead of zero, one personal and one business. I read so many articles about why Instagram is essential for networking and growth, but I am plagued by the same redundant posts and the slew of advertising.

I tried to set up a business only IG account, with an email from my site -but Facebook figured it out and linked to my personal page. Ugh, stupid cookies. A few weeks ago when posting on the business account for this site I agreed to the slider that would share my Instagram post on Facebook also. And wouldn’t you know, the damned post appeared on my personal FB page, not the business page.

separation of church and state all over again

Yesterday was the icing on the cake. I was looking at my tiny pile of followers, but was sad to see that most were personal friends. (Dear friends, I do love you and thank you for supporting me) But I wanted a separate business IG account so that I could collect organic followers, not friends who received a notification that I had a new account. I feel like I am battling for the separation of church and state all over again, but I’m doing it alone and without a hefty advertising budget.

  • So I made a decision. No more Instagram (again).

I’ll keep my new personal account, just because it is my name. But that account will be largely unused. I’ll delete the app from my phone and all. Maybe i’ll use it to only share a birthday selfie when I breach a new decade…so I’ll post on Instagram again when I am 40…maybe.

I am leaving because it doesn’t separate business from personal, I can’t pay to remove ads, and I can’t filter out Instagram photos from Facebook anymore. I guess I just have mismatched expectations for the reality of Instagram, and its shortcomings stress me out more than they should.

Besides, I just did the math. Instagram only brings in seven percent of my blog traffic, which is barely more than search engines. Pinterest and Facebook bring me traffic (65 percent combined) and joy. So do I have to lose? Nothing, that’s what.

*Bonus* I tried to delete, but apparently I can only Temporarily Disable. WHY CAN’T WE SIMPLY LEAVE?! I’ll write an email full of rage to Instagram later.

Time to cut away the free things that stress me out! Goodbye Insta, I won’t miss you.

Do you love Instagram? Are you also a blogger who has walked away from it? Aren’t you happy to never write “link in bio” ever again?

Phone with Instagram on screen

Phone with Instagram login on screen

Instagram logo with article title overlaid on top

Author: Tracey

Tracey has a bachelor’s degree in Technical Writing from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. She loves editing, riding bikes, and cooking for her family.

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