Five Favorites for International Tea Day

I’ve been an avid tea drinker for years, so I’m a little surprised to recently learn that International Tea Day exists!

My tastebuds say “better late than never!” and I must agree. I love seeing my calendar speckled with food & drink-related holidays because I like regular celebrations (so expect more silly food holiday posts!). In fairness these celebrations are minimal. I won’t have an actual tea party, but I will go out of my way to find a new-to-me tea and enjoy brewing it on May 21st.

So this year I want to honor International Tea Day by sharing a list of my five favorite tea-related supplies. I’ll gab about my favorite genres, additives, brewing supplies, and share a ready-to-drink favorite that someone else thoughtfully brewed and canned.

International Tea Day is an annual holiday each May, and despite the warm weather I am still having a hot cup of leaf water. #LadyJupiter #InternationalTeaDay #brewacuppa #nottutting #hottea #icedtea #herbaltea

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links; I may earn a tiny commission on purchases. 

Here are my five favorites for International Tea Day:

  • Special Blends
  • Taste-free Fiber
  • Silicone Tea Bags
  • Cold Brew Tea Bottle
  • Unsweet Canned Tea

Not special because a loved one introduced you a specific tea, but special because it has a targeted purpose (like a specialist in any career). But tea from loved ones are still special too ❤︎.

About ten years ago I declared to myself that I was giving up aging and have been purchasing all sorts of little things to help my youthful goals. Internet advertisers know this about me and often show me all kinds of gadgets. But few algorithms understand that I start from the kitchen (because we absolutely are what we eat; how can we not be the sum of what we ingest and absorb?!). So when the targeted marketing algorithm showed me a beauty-supporting tea from a trusted supplier (Tea Republic, also linked below) – I bought some that week.

When Kid Jupiter was brand new I bought teas for lactation, then weight loss. Sometimes I travel with laxative teas because traveler’s constipation is real and nobody likes it. I have teas to improve flexibility and to fight inflammation.

I even have teas that I just like for the flavor! So while some may scoff at these special blends, I look at them and integrate them into my life -if only for the duration of one box or tin.

Go ahead and laugh if you need to – I’ll wait.

International Tea Day is an annual holiday each May, and despite the warm weather I am still having a hot cup of leaf water. #LadyJupiter #InternationalTeaDay #brewacuppa #nottutting #hottea #icedtea #herbaltea

Fiber. Yep, we need it because our microbiome needs fiber to be healthy. I know that I am the minority because I love a dinner of steamed broccoli & hot sauce, but others (including my own family) prefer “normal” meals like pastas and steaks. What’s a fiber lover to do?!

Supplement. At least, that’s what I do so I can eat with my family and give my “gut bugs” (Dr. Steven Gundry’s preferred term) the foods they want too. I like Benefiber because it easily dissolves into coffee without taste or texture, so it’s just a matter of remembering to add the powder because it’s so easily forgotten.

This fiber is an International Tea Day pick because I really can add a spoon to my tea and reap the benefits without enduring odd flavors or grit. It’s easy to add into any drink, and the daily convenience can’t be beat.

What a convenience for loose-tea lovers!

International Tea Day is an annual holiday each May, and despite the warm weather I am still having a hot cup of leaf water. #LadyJupiter #InternationalTeaDay #brewacuppa #nottutting #hottea #icedtea #herbaltea

I’m probably far behind the curve here because I usually buy bagged teas, so I don’t often look for loose-tea accessories. So I don’t recall if I found these, or if they found me, but I am happy that I have silicone tea bags in my life now.

Typically I would use these for the occasional loose leaf brew, but they’re perfect for mulled wine. I’m not a skilled wine muller, but I am an impatient lady when it’s winter and I just want to drink my warm wine instead of straining the whole batch of wine. Spooning the mulling spices into silicone tea bags is just right for me because I do like the longer steep, and I don’t like floaty bits in my mug. 

These silicone tea bags are three pieces; the main bag body (translucent white), a detachable bottom (opaque color), and a colored silicone faux string and tag for easy grabbing. The bottom is very sturdy, and the whole bag is perfectly flexible. If I start infusing vodka again, I will definitely use these tea bags for jalapeños and habaneros for easy removal.

This purchase was the direct result of a Buzzfeed article about sustainable household objects.

International Tea Day is an annual holiday each May, and despite the warm weather I am still having a hot cup of leaf water. #LadyJupiter #InternationalTeaDay #brewacuppa #nottutting #hottea #icedtea #herbaltea

The article showed a larger size bottle that was gorgeous, but I wanted something smaller for my personal use. Luckily Hario has several sizes and colors available, so I bought the 300ml bottle with red silicone parts.

300ml is just over ten ounces, and is perfect for my casual attempts to drink more water. The tea filter securely keeps loose tea within the glass, so now I’m casually brewing more of my nice gunpowder green tea that always felt fussy – but now it’s convenient and I enjoy watching the leaves unfurl as they rehydrate.

Now that I think about it…the larger sizes would be perfect for sangria. *Opens Amazon to put in cart and just stare at it for at least three days*

In 2020 I signed up for receive imperfect organic veggies with Misfits Market, and I have really enjoyed getting regular produce from them.

International Tea Day is an annual holiday each May, and despite the warm weather I am still having a hot cup of leaf water. #LadyJupiter #InternationalTeaDay #brewacuppa #nottutting #hottea #icedtea #herbaltea

They also have a variety of pantry items, and you never know what’s going to be available so I have fun building my box every other week (we get the small $30 minimum box every other week). I especially love when they have nice Japanese drinks, just like these unsweetened green teas.

I generally avoid sugar, so when I make or buy tea, I am that monster who prefers unsweetened! And this is why I prefer Japanese brands like ITO EN because they actually make drinks that are entirely unsweet (versus USA’s obsession with sweetened everything). This charming can is perfectly refreshing and easily fits anywhere in my fridge. I’m happy to buy a four pack each week that these are available, and might seek them elsewhere when Misfits Market stops carrying them and I start craving that convenience again.

Happy International Tea Day! Most days here are bubbling and brewing in some way, but on May 21 it’ll be in celebration of one of the world’s most popular beverages. Have a relaxing cuppa, and stop by again soon because I have a lot more food and drink related holidays to celebrate.

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Author: Tracey

Tracey has a bachelor’s degree in Technical Writing from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. She loves editing, riding bikes, and cooking for her family.

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