Why I Cut My Own Bangs

I just felt all of the hair professionals cringe. Sorry folks, but not only do I cut my own bangs, I prefer it. *passes smelling salts*

I’ve had bangs on and off for thirty-odd years, and usually they are cut by a professional (who was often my mom, a board-certified cosmetologist in Texas). I only recently started cutting the things myself. Why? Because I get what I want plus it’s fast & free

Why DO I cut my own bangs? Let's talk about self-hair cutting and I'll show you how I easily shed an inch #bangtrim #DIY #fearless

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I hadn’t had bangs for years before I went to a salon to get bangs recently. It was fast, but I didn’t quite get what I wanted. I asked Stylist 1 for a “straight blunt line, one finger width above my eyebrows” but what I got was eyebrow skimming, face framing bangs. Two totally different things!

She said that bangs were no charge because they’re so quick. I expected a charge so I could tip on my credit card, so I gave her all of my cash instead. All three dollars. I felt bad for tipping so little and I wasn’t happy with my bangs. So I made an appointment the next week with Stylist 2, and tried again for “straight blunt line, one finger width above my eyebrows.” She got it half way. My face was still framed, but at least the high point was as short as I wanted. At least I was prepared and had more cash to tip her.

I say what I want and I mean it

Why DO I cut my own bangs? Let's talk about self-hair cutting and I'll show you how I easily shed an inch #bangtrim #DIY #fearlessThe next day I grabbed my tiny shears and did it myself. Mister Jupiter came home and complimented my hair, and I confessed that I did it myself because I wan’t getting what I wanted at the salon. My sister-in-law (also a board-certified cosmetologist) informed me that stylists are trained to frame faces because that’s what most people want -they just lack the vocabulary or they really aren’t ready for what they ask for. She said that folks like me are rare because I say what I want and I mean it.

I have some exciting cow licks. The hairs in my hairline stick straight up, or try to, at both of my temples. It’s pretty awesome. So if I have a visible straight line, my bangs are misshapen when wet. All this means is that I cut my hair when it is clean and dry, so it doesn’t shrink up and ruin my line. This also accommodates my wash & wear hair -I have a blowdryer but I might use it as often as once a year. When I am freshly showered I pull up my long hair, and comb my bangs right away to get them under control. Then I periodically tug on the hair near my temples and force them down and in. I let them air dry and this works for me.

Sometimes I don’t cut them perfectly. That happens. But you know what? It’s no big deal. Hair grows, and mine grows especially fast. Besides, not everybody is so bold to wear baby bangs. I say do it.

little bit of encouragement

So…guess what I did earlier this week? I cut my bangs. I even cut them a tad shorter so that I can have an extra week before doing it all over again. Here’s a little slideshow of the process in case you’re looking for that little bit of encouragement to do it yourself.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Do you cut your own hair? Have you been thinking about it?
I would love to hear from more hair rebels out there.

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