Outfits of the Day :: Summer 2019 📍

I’m not a fashion blogger, I’m not tall, and I’m not a size two. However, I do love wearing different outfits that mostly fit, and I happen to collect leather accessories (primarily purses, shoes, and jackets). That’s worth seeing, right? Yes. Yes it is.

These OOTD posts are a personal time capsule, and a visual log of outfits that work for me (or don’t!). For the sake of variety I’ll try to avoid showing repeat outfits in a single season, but no promises. For geographical reference I am in North America (USA), Central Arkansas.

Plus, this is the easiest way to peek into my closet. Have fun!

Outfits of the Day - Summer! Please enjoy this collection of seasonal outfits. #LadyJupiter #OOTD #outfits #postpartum

Disclosure: This site contains affiliate links; I may earn a tiny commission from purchases.

GOOD • I finally have a closet that fits my clothes, but this isn’t my forever-home. This means that while I can see all of my clothes in one place, I know that I must reduce my collection because my next closet will surely be smaller. Taking outfit of the day photos will help me see what works, so I can only keep what looks great, and donate the rest.

BAD • I am between sizes right now. I had a baby in 2018, and I just don’t fit into my old clothes yet (generally size four), so I have been buying clothes that are a little too small so I can shrink into them. In a surprise move my waist isn’t shrinking at the same rate as my hips. Oh, and I have bad skin; expect to see various stages of angry dermatitis.

ALSO • Regularly taking photos of my closet has already helped me see that my closet is terrible for OOTD photos, so please enjoy seeing random bits of my home. I will add specific details about individual pieces of clothing as I can, but a lot may simply be brand and size; don’t expect style names or season.

Summer 2019 – Friday, June 21 to Monday, September 23.
Future OOTD posts will include more photos because I will be recording more outfits!

Summer 2019 Outfits of the Day. My first few shared outfits. This was hard because I hadn't lost any baby weight yet, so this is how I used clothes to hide myself! #postpartum #35F #gottastartsomewhere

Outfit of the day September six. #OOTD #NotAFashionBlogger #JustANormalLady|Top|Unbuttoned shirt – The Limited, XS. Undershirt – Old Navy Luxe tank top, S.
|Bottom|Loose capris – Xersion brand from JcPenney, M.
|Shoe|Leather ballet flats – Tieks.
|Accessories|Black leather crossbody – Coach.

Outfit of the day September eight. #OOTD #NotAFashionBlogger #JustANormalLady|Top|Long t-shirt – H&M, Sm.
|Bottom|Blue leggings with pockets – from Amazon, Large.
|Shoe|Leather ballet flats – Tieks.
|Accessories|Leather clutch – Gap.

Outfit of the day September nine. #OOTD #NotAFashionBlogger #JustANormalLady|Top|T-shirt dress – Lularoe, xxs (thrifted).
|Bottom|Blue leggings with pockets – from Amazon, large.
|Shoe|Leather ballet flats – Tieks.
|Accessories|Apple watch, series three.

Outfit of the day September ten. #OOTD #NotAFashionBlogger #JustANormalLady|Top|Linen-blend v-neck – Massimo from Target many years ago, xs.
|Bottom| Light wash jeggings – an Amazon brand, medium long.
|Shoe| Chelsea boots – Timberland.
|Accessories|Leather color-block clutch – Coach.

Outfit of the day September 11. #OOTD #NotAFashionBlogger #JustANormalLady|Top|Striped cotton button-down – H&M, 4. Undershirt – Amazon Essentials tank top – Sm.
|Bottom|Mid-rise relaxed fit capris – Lee, 8.
|Shoe|Leather ballet flats – Tieks.
|Accessories|Canvas and vinyl tote – ShoeMint.

Outfit of the day September 12. #OOTD #NotAFashionBlogger #JustANormalLady|Top|Original fit Portofino – Express, xs.
|Bottom|Light wash jeggings – Amazon Essentials, medium long.
|Shoe|Leather ballet flats – Tieks.
|Accessories|Quilted leather crossbody – Kate Spade.

Outfit of the day September 13. #OOTD #NotAFashionBlogger #JustANormalLady|Top|Original fit Portofino – Express, xs. Undershirt – Massimo linen blend tank, xs.
|Bottom|Mid-rise relaxed fit cargo capris – Lee, 8.
|Shoe|Ballet flats – Tieks, green.
|Accessories|Anti-gravity hair.

Outfit of the day September 14. #OOTD #NotAFashionBlogger #JustANormalLady|Top|Cowl tank – Mondetta, small (thrifted).
|Bottom|Blue leggings with pockets, large.
|Shoe|Ballet flats – Tieks, black.
|Accessories|My baby dog – a genuine Mississippi mutt.

Outfit of the day September 16. #OOTD #NotAFashionBlogger #JustANormalLady|Top|Original fit Portofino – Express, xs. Undershirt – Linen blend tank – Massimo, xs.
|Bottom|Breezy joggers – Aerie, xs.
|Shoe|Ballet flats – Tieks, black.
|Accessories|Sunscreen – Neutrogena, oil-free SPF 35.

Outfit of the day September 17. #OOTD #NotAFashionBlogger #JustANormalLady|Top|Lularoe, xs (thrifted).
|Bottom|Black jeggings – Amazon Essentials, medium short.
|Shoe|Leather ballet flats – Tieks, leopard.
|Accessories|Bolo-style cz tennis bracelet – Devin Rose, 2mm gold. (Finding small-circumference tennis bracelets is a little hard if you’re not looking for high quality jewelry. These bolo-style tennis bracelets are perfect.)

Outfit of the day September 21. #OOTD #NotAFashionBlogger #JustANormalLady|Top|Tank swing dress – Amazon Essentials, small.
|Bottom|Postpartum leggings – Blanqi, medium.
|Shoe|Chelsea boots – Timberland, black nubuck.
|Accessories|Color block tote – ShoeMint.

Outfits of the day. #OOTD #NotAFashionBlogger #JustANormalLady

Outfits of the day. #OOTD #NotAFashionBlogger #JustANormalLady

Looking for more, or just another season?

Outfits of the Day Index! Pretty self explanatory, but this is where I lay out each season's graphics and favorite outfits.  Autumn Outfits of the Day. #OOTD #September #MomOutfits #LadyJupiter

Author: Tracey

Tracey has a bachelor’s degree in Technical Writing from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. She loves editing, riding bikes, and cooking for her family.

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