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Lady Jupiter is a lifestyle blog that is married to an Air Force pilot. Expect posts ranging from Beauty + Fashion, Home + Décor, Travel, and Military Life.

Air Force spouse near Little Rock AFB, Arkansas.

Hello! My name is Tracey.

I care for my child full-time. When I’m not managing our household, I write for myself on LadyJupiter.com, I volunteer with my husband’s squadron, I produce my own podcast, and I take small editing jobs when I can.

Hobbies include riding bikes, drinking coffee, learning about nutrition, and daydreaming. I have big dogs with long fur and bad manners, they stay home.

What I Can Do For You

Edit. As an editor I help you present your best self.

Listen. Need a sounding board? Just let me know if you’re seeking advice, commiseration, or reactions so I can respond accordingly.

Create. I enjoy creating documents like fliers or infographics.

Cook. I love sharing meals and cooking for friends. Please let me know if you’re allergic to anything.

A Few Past Experiences

Writer at LadyJupiter.com
(2017 – Current)
This is my creative outlet. I simply share a variety of experiences and knowledge that others can easily access. This blog was expanded to include Lady Jupiter Podcast so I can retain production experience for future audiobook narration or voice over work.

Key Spouse of the Year
(2020, 57th Wing Nellis AFB)
I was recognized as the 57th’s KSOTY in my first year as a Key Spouse. I embraced Zoom and helped my squadron spouses support their partners amid a global pandemic. I transitioned to Key Spouse Mentor in 2021.

Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Writing
(2017, University of Arkansas at Little Rock)
I graduated with an unofficial emphasis in editing. Line editing is my favorite which means that I am the fine tooth comb. I remove unnecessary fluff so we can all get to the point. Clarity matters more than “sounding smart.”

Many Odd Jobs Before College
(1999 – 2014)
Shipping & receiving in a laboratory? Yes. Buying aircraft parts and keeping a dozen A&P mechanics happy? Yep. Directing live television broadcasts and being on-hand for that station’s transition from analog to digital? I’ve done that too.
And retail. And food service!

I’ve been sampling different industries since I was 16. Most people are not interested in those details, but I can expand on them anytime.

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