I’m excited to see you all in March to celebrate Madison and Curtis!

Chris and I secured the AirBnB in July – we’re all going to stay in the Magnolia River Haus in New Braunfels; about 45mins away from the venue in La Vernia.
Since we want to see everyone I’m only asking $100 per family per night for reimbursement, about the same that you’d expect to pay for a budget hotel motel in a different city.
Last I checked, there was a two-star motel in NB for $179/night, remaining results were over $200/night.


☞ ☞ Text me your email address when you pay so I can add you as an AirBnB guest.

The Magnolia Haus has 12 beds (four kings and eight twins).
Chris and I have dibs on one of the king beds.
Remaining bed allocation will be determined by breakdance fighting.

The in-ground swimming pool will be cold unless we pay to use the heater. But if you want to swim in cold water we can easily hop in the Comal.