Fish & Chip Rankings

I’m not super serious about my fish & chips, but I am specific. Because when handled well this simple dish goes from “meh” to “can I get a second order to go?”

I order this dish anywhere I can just for fun. It’s often a good measure of a restaurant, because if the kitchen makes sure a simple fish & chips plate is delicious, then I can be assured that they care just as much for the rest of the menu. Besides, I learned that my dad does the same thing. We can’t be the only ones who use this dish as a quality yardstick. If you dear reader are like us, please read on and share your recommendations before you go. I would love to try your favorite fish & chips.

I love fish + chips, so I order them everywhere I can. This article marries my love of this dish and traveling, hooray! Suggestions welcome. . #fishnchips #foodtour #milblogger

#1 Pantry Crest, Little Rock, Arkansas

I never thought my favorite would be made in a German restaurant in Arkansas, but hey, good food is good food. This fish is big and fresh. The batter is fluffy, crispy, and seasoned perfectly. I burn my mouth on this one because I can’t seem to eat it fast enough.

#2 Jake’s Famous Crawfish, Portland, Oregon

Fresh fish! This is Mister Jupiter’s favorite because he loves panko crust. However…I really do not like panko on my fish. It’s too crunchy and doesn’t add flavor. This fish ranks high because it was excellent otherwise. Fresh and flavorful, plus the coffee was delicious.

#3 Hamburger Mary’s, Kansas City, Missouri

The little fillets were perfectly crunchy on the outside, even though the batter wasn’t as fluffy I like. But the flavor was just right, plus the tartar sauce tasted fresh and non-jarred. The chips were as good as the fish! Also, quick nod to the restaurant -excellent drinks and friendly drag queens.

#4 O’Malley’s Pub, Weston, Missouri

Pretty darn good! O’Malley’s is one of our favorite places near Fort Leavenworth, and they’re good at making fish & chips. It’s not amazing, but it’s the best near Fort Leavenworth.

#5 McCoy’s Public House, Kansas City, Missouri

Tasty fish dish here. The presentation made the table say “Oooo!” and it wasn’t misplaced attention. Crispy fish on a bed of chips with slaw and tartar…everything was expected and a little above average on all accounts.

#6 Alamo Drafthouse, Kansas City, Missouri

Honestly this fish is about on par with Marfield’s (below). Its edge is the location. Mister Jupiter and I love Alamo. The fish & chips are great every time, plus we enjoy our cocktails and the movie. Atmosphere matters!

#7 The Airplane Restaurant, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Speaking of atmosphere, fish & chips in a former Texas National Guard plane is silly fun. The dish was a solid average -still enjoyable and filling. While you’re here make sure to ask for Stevie Sauce for dippin’ your fries (it is made-to-order and it’s not free. Still affordable -do it).

#8 Marfield’s Pub, Leavenworth, Kansas

Good reliable fish & chip option in Leavenworth! It isn’t amazing, but maybe I just got a bland fish last time. We actually prefer Marfield’s for the burgers and $5 drafts on Wednesdays. I just had to try their fish & chips for research.

#9 Farley’s Bar & Grill, Lindsborg, Kansas

Not bad for Little Sweden USA. The batter here is super thick and fluffy, but unseasoned. The batter easily separates from the fish when hot, but this happens with coconut shrimp too -take it as a sign to slow down and enjoy your coleslaw.

#10 Grinders High Noon, Leavenworth, Kansas

This isn’t on the regular menu, but sometimes it’s the chef’s special. Sadly it was greasy and bland when I ordered it. Luckily Grinders has plenty of beer and ketchup, so the meal wasn’t a total wash.

– Long John Silvers, (any)

Probably my first fish & chips. It’s worth mentioning because the batter is fluffy and this dish is consistent when ordered nationwide. It’s unremarkable, but has flavor.

– Metropolitan Steakhouse, Leavenworth, Kansas

While Metropolitan makes a good steak, everything else was beige and bland. My fish was cooked through, but it was just flavorless. Dry french fries have more flavor.

I love fish + chips, so I order them everywhere I can. This article marries my love of this dish and traveling, hooray! Suggestions welcome. . #fishnchips #foodtour #milbloggerRecommendations that I haven’t tried yet:

“In England, go to Brighton Pier or Portsmouth” – Guen, Tokyo

This post was last updated 3/26/18

Do you have a recommendation for me? Do you know where to find the BEST fish & chips in your region? Please share that knowledge so that I can try it too! Comment below or fill the handy form.


Author: Tracey

Tracey has a bachelor’s degree in Technical Writing from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. She has one amazing husband and two fluffy beasts.

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