Lady Jupiter Podcast

  • Guess what readers?
    I started a podcast so I can record and share editorials in a new format.

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  • I’m still going to write my usual range of topics (military, travel, home, and casual fashion), but my out-of-place editorials will simply live off-blog.
  • Each episode will be a quick update about our military life, but also behind-the-scenes blog details, and a little chat about something that’s caught my attention lately. New episodes will be released when I can record them – life happens here too.
  • No interviews or co-hosts, just my singular dulcet tones. We can even expect the occasional low quality audio upload when traveling, to test my own mobile podcasting abilities.

I look forward to these changes and am happy you’re here with me!

  • PS – if you already have a set of favorite podcasts that you enjoy, I would love if you give me a listen. If you’re not a regular podcast listener I invite you to try it out – podcasts are essentially on-demand radio shows on any topic you can think of. There are several podcast players out there – just check on your phone’s app store for one of many free players and search for Lady Jupiter Podcast.📌 Click here to stream Lady Jupiter Podcast online without a podcast player

Show Notes & Transcripts
(In reverse order; newest at the top)

№ 83 Pending

82 Surprise Vineyards

81 The Upgrade House

80 Immediate iPad Mini Success

79 Mostly Post-Covid

№ 78 Covid Finally Got Me

77 New Blog Posts, New Chair

№ 76 I’m Not Crying, You’re Crying

75 PCS & See Ya Later Season Begins

74 Lubbock Mariachis

73 No Time for Creativity

72 Pre-PCS Downsizing

71 Casual Deployment Talk

70 Adult ADHD

69 We Have A Duck

68: Show Notes

67: Still watching. Also, beans.

66: Watching Ukraine 🇺🇦

65: Watching Russia 👀

64 Snow Day Protocols & Chang Thai

63 The Track on Base, and Allergy Test Results

62: Embracing the Dark Side & a new paper planner

61: Food Trucks on Little Rock AFB, French toast at home

60: Ideas & Breaking a (40 hour) Fast

59: Borchestershire Shots

58: Feed a Cold

57: TDY Sister Wives

56: Tiny Thanksgiving

55: Time, bikes, and cornbread

54: Delayed Comments on Afghanistan

53: Key Spouse Mentorship & More Bike Talk

52: Pasta Salad & PSA

51: Fireworks & Public Notes

50: Spontaneous Sunglasses

E49: Change of Command & Peach Water

E48: Valentina

E47: I Missed You!

E46: Melting Snow & Latte Appreciation

E45: Almost 11″ of Snow & Small Updates

E44: Daily Jupiter Pages & a Cabbage and Sausage Recipe

E43: Key Spouse of the Year & Menu Planning

E42: Ready to Travel Again & Fasting Follow-Up

E41: 21 Tasks & Fasting

E40: HRV & Book Recommendations

E39: Promotion Complete & Post-Holiday Blur

E38: Hey Lieutenant Colonel & Holiday Treats

E37: Waiting & Monday Treats

E36: Chicken Pho & Whole Foods

E35: More Rocketbooks & The Best Black Eyed Peas I Have Made in My Entire Life

E34: The Pandemic Thanksgiving Special

E33: Comic Blog Thoughts & Reusable Notebooks

E32: Blog Updates & Stress Management

E31: Static Life & Nanny Hiring

E30: Nanny Trials & Fredericksburg, Texas

E29: More Waiting & Vegetable Planning

E28: Kombucha Revival & Tsubo Searches

E27: Waiting on the Senate & Writing Reviews

E26: Priority Boarding with a Military ID & New Kombucha Trials

E25: Waiting on Rank & Buying Glasses Online

E24: Ceremonial Brainstorming & Infusing Vinegars

E23: Writer’s Block & Spa Time

E22: D.I.Y. Humidifier & Unimportant Delays

E21: Key Spousing & Nap Consolidation

E20: Ready to Zoom & Cooking Wine

E19: Our Neighborhood & Writing

E18: Photography Trouble & Undereye Pigmentation

E17: Mohawks & Going Gray

E16: New Picks & Domestic Shift

E15: Misfit Veggies & Potato Records

E14: Office Hours & Biohacking

E13: No COVID, Yes Treadmill

E12: Cooking at Night

E11: Corrective Tanning

E10: Sleeping at Night

Episode 9: Coconut Green Beans

Episode 8: Coffee & Netflix

Episode 7: Unicorn Leather

Episode 6: What’s Missing

Episode 5: Maple Mint Juleps

Episode 4: Casual Fashion Perfection?

Episode 2: Numbers Are Hard

Episode 3: Potatoes

Episode 1: Baseline

Episode 0: Introduction