Twosday Time Capsule; 2/22/22📍

Happy Twosday to you all!

I know I’m not the only one who looked at the calendar for February 2022 and laughed upon seeing that the 22nd fell on a Tuesday. So many twos in the same day! A quick Google search showed me that Twosday is sometimes celebrated in primary schools, like celebrating 100 days of school (which seems to be a modern observation? I don’t recall anybody caring about that in the 1990s).

I wanted to mark this day in time by making and sharing a digital time capsule, so here are a dozen (12) of my favorite pairs.

Why not two favorites? That’s too few.
Why not 22? I don’t have that kind of time.
A dozen works, so we’re sticking with it.

Happy twosday, 2/22/22 to you! I'm celebrating this day by sharing a dozen favorite pairs in the Jupiter house. It seems that the best things really do come in pairs - what luck! #LadyJupiter #TwosDay #Tuesday #sharing #blogger #milblogger #justforfun

Disclosure: This site contains affiliate links; I may earn a tiny commission from purchases.

#1 – Metallic Leather Jackets
I collect second-hand leather jackets. It’s a fun hobby, and I love finding jackets that make me gasp and immediately ask “will that fit me?!” Two of my most gasp-worthy skins are metallic and I love them. The multi colored jacket is made by The Mighty Company – I adore the bold stripes and blue metallic sleeves. The silver/multicolor (like a light oil slick) jacket is by Mackage – this was a gift for my 36th birthday and remains the highest cost second hand jacket at about $400 – it was new without tags, and is soft, warm, plus bright and unique.

I try to photograph my jackets regularly in my Outfits of the Day posts. Take a peek for more jackets if you’re into that kind of thing.
 Outfits of the Day :: Q1 2022 📍

#2 – Dogs
Pets are the best. These good boys are Mycroft (the light one) and Atlas (dark red fur and charming pointed ears). This year Mike turns nine, and Atlas turns 14. Mister Jupiter rescued Atlas from Arkansas, then later rescued Mike from Mississippi. We’re certain that Mike is golden retriever & (runt) Pyrenees. Atlas however is pure mystery. Every vet and vet tech has different breeds in mind, but we just care that he’s happy and healthy. Our good boys remind us daily that love is good, and that fur in food is a fact of life. They don’t run as fast as they used to, but neither do I in all honesty.

#3 – A5 Binders
I’m trying to organize my brain on paper again, but it’s increasingly difficult when I can’t write or read what I write regularly (some tasks simply are not toddler-friendly). I’ve had success with spirals in the past, so I’m trying to construct a modular paper brain with these A5 size binders. It’ll realistically take me a few years to nail down…only because my time to think and work on them is sporadic. Here’s the exact pieces I’m using if you also like the idea of constructing a modular paper brain:

  • Black rigid binder
  • “Dazzling rainbow” soft cover
  • Dotted paper refill
  • Zip pouches
  • Vertical index cards
  • Adjustable punch board (to make your own A5-friendly anythings)

#4 – Microphones
I host a podcast right now, and I look forward to narrating audiobooks in the future. I have an entry level condenser mic in my booth, but I can’t always record in my own booth…so I also have a small dynamic mic that I use to capture audio in the car or in my laundry room! Having two microphones is great because they have different strengths, and it’s nice getting to know each one. I can’t wait to add a shotgun mic to my booth.

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#5 – Emergency Flashlights
I originally bought these to use as intended; as emergency flashlights that immediately illuminate when the power goes out. But guess who loves taking one to bed? Kid Jupiter. Since we have two, the Kid can always have a freshly-charged LED light to take to bed. Does he use it as a night light? No, actually. He just plays with his toys via flashlight until he gets tired, then he puts away his toys, and turns off the light to sleep at a reasonable hour. How my three-year-old is more responsible than me is a mystery, but I like it.

  • Blackout Buddy flashlight

#6 – WubbaNubs
This one is obviously centered on Kid Jupiter, but I am fond of these too because they have enabled self-soothing. This kid started with two WubbaNubs – a lion and a tiger. When he used pacifiers, he used both, but preferred the lion. Since the pacifiers were cut off, he stopped caring for the tiger, and doubled down on lion love. Good thing I had a spare lion WubbaNub handy for emergencies! Kid Jupiter is three, and still loves them. He doesn’t carry them around like he used to, but they are essential to him winding down, relaxing, and self-soothing.

  • Tiger WubbaNub (was acceptable, but not a favorite)
  • Lion WubbaNubs (preferred snuggle friends!)

#7 – Allergy Medications
I’ve had chronic allergies for as long as I can remember, but I didn’t visit an allergist until recently (at age 37 to be specific). After a skin test where 56 different compounds were tested, I finally saw how severe my allergies really are. Turns out that my nightly Zyrtec wasn’t overboard – it was the bare minimum! So my two favorite allergy medications are my newest – Singular for my lungs, and an albuterol rescue inhaler that I needed last weekend (after visiting a farm). Now I know what increased lung function feels like, and now I know that I am VERY allergic to trees. I would love to move the the pollen-free moon!

#8 – Electric Bicycles
Why have one when two are twice as nice? But really, Mister Jupiter has helped me cull my bike collection, and now we each have one electric bike. We picked Rad Power Bikes for the combination of affordability, available wattage (in USA), and torque. He has a RadRunner+ purchased in 2020, and I now have a RadMini ST2 purchased in 2021. My bike isn’t as visible in the photo because the sidecar is in the way and I didn’t have time to re-arrange our garage (that we obviously use) for a photo.

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#9 – Smart Rings
I just love IOT, and smart jewelry is no exception. I love using my Oura Ring – it’s a sleep tracker that you wear all day, and it tracks details for you to improve your sleep. I’m wearing a generation three ring; signet-style in gold (I preferred the old “balance” style with a point instead of a flat surface) after upgrading from a gen two ring that I bought last year.
The red ring in the photo is a Cnick (pronounced “Kuh-Nick”) ring that has an integrated Tesla chip – so I can use my red ring to lock, unlock, and start our Tesla! It’s just a backup for my regular key – specifically when I want to quickly lock the car instead of it waiting for me to be out of range before locking. I’m not totally paranoid, I just am in the habit of locking my car immediately upon exit.

And if you’ve noticed the gold object in the upper left corner of the ring photo – that’s an Ember mug. Like many many parents I drink a lot of cold coffee, but not by choice. This mug was a recent gift and I LOVE it. I drink so much more hot coffee in the day, then hot tea at night. It’s a game changer and I can’t believe that I haven’t thought more seriously about getting one before! Mine is 10oz gold, but other sizes and finishes are available.

#10 – Red Light Panels
Red lights are amazing, when Kid Jupiter is bigger I am totally going to set up my lights by my computer so I can write while soaking up those sweet photons. I buy my red lights from Mito (here’s a link!), and I have two Original Series panels – a MIN and a MID. No photo today because I’ve loaned out the MIN to a friend, but also I don’t have time right now to get a good photo of the larger MID. Regardless, I love the red light panels because red light really is effective and affordable with a little budgeting.

  • Here’s that link again to Mito, my preferred maker of red light panels
  • Ari Whitten wrote a book all about Red Light therapy!

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#11 – Macadamia Nuts
I’ve always enjoyed macadamia nuts, but rarely had them growing up. Then I finally visited Hawaii and loved how they’re everywhere. Mister Jupiter works in many picturesque locations, and recently he was in Honolulu. I asked for chocolate-covered macadamia nut omiyage (Japanese obligation gift) – and he came back with these cups that are easier to him to pack (he doesn’t travel with hardshell luggage). They are delicious and I am not going to make them last; I’ll probably finish eating them next month! Yum.

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#12 – Limes
Last but not least – fresh limes! I like beers, and almost all styles. One of my favorites is any Mexican-style lager with fresh lime, so I am extra happy that we have easy access to Lost Forty’s beers all around Little Rock. L40’s Mexican-style lager is called Easy Tiger and I love it, it’s a favorite and I only drink coffee in the morning because it’s illegal to drink beer while I run my morning errands.

The only other time that I really keep a lot of limes handy is in the summer when I’m making batches of margaritas. Few things are as refreshing as a fresh marg over ice on a hot day. Mmm. One day I’ll make a key lime pie, but until then, I juice my limes for drinks and appreciate the citrusy time out.

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And that’s it for my just-for-fun digital time capsule to celebrate this very twosy Tuesday.
I hope you have a great day full of good repetition and fun worth duplicating!

Outfits of the Day, Q1! Here's what I wore this quarter. I'm a recovering perfectionist and here's what I like to wear. #LadyJupiter #OOTD #DailyOutfits #February  Public Note; My Vocal Booth. I've laid out my full equipment list and shared what works for me. Drop a comment if I missed something, this post is for other (and aspiring) nomads who like sharing their voice. #LadyJupiter #LadyJupiterPodcast #VocalBooth #PCSfriendly #MilSpouse #podcaster #PCSready #EquipmentList  Week № 45 brings a fresh batch of favorites - like Salsa Soup. It's fresh, delicious, and a little silly. #LadyJupiter #PicksoftheWeek #soup  

Author: Tracey

Tracey has a bachelor’s degree in Technical Writing from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. She loves editing, riding bikes, and cooking for her family.

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