Picks of the Week № 13 📍

Hello, week № 13.

No themes this week, just a little something from all corners of life that have been making me happy. Loose-fit pants, saffron in my coffee, grounded flights, my new favorite cosmetic bag, and small charms that really bring smiles. Simple things for simply happy life!

Week № 13 is another collection of little things that make me happy! #LadyJupiter #PicksOfTheWeek

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Here are my five favorites this week:

  • Loose-fit rigid pants
  • Saffron supplements
  • Weather cancellations
  • Cinch-top cosmetics bags
  • Fun keychains / bag charms

Years-ago-me would balk at this as a positive thing. And I totally understand.

Week № 13 is another collection of little things that make me happy! #LadyJupiter #PicksOfTheWeek #LooseFitPants #HMDivided

Truth is that I was raised and became an adult in rigid pants. Skinnies weren’t a thing until my 20s, so I hated them at first, then was forced to embrace them because I had no other affordable options outside of school-uniform-khakis. So after spending the last decade in stretchy-skin-tight leggings as pants I was SO READY for rigid pants.

Like usual, H&M was ready too and offered “loose mom-fit” twill pants as a response in 2021. I bought one pair in my current size, then a second in a smaller size because I’m still trying to shrink back down to my pre-baby body.

I actually miss wearing non-stretchy pants. They made it clear when I was gaining weight and probably are why I was so slim in my 20s…I knew when I needed to cut back on the cookies and visit the gym. Currently, my fluctuating size is a bit problematic, but H&M’s prices make it manageable. Plus I am actually very happy with the quality of these loose-fit twill pants – I will definitely mend them should they get damaged while I can still wear them!

You know how I love supplements and miss having energy?

Week № 13 is another collection of little things that make me happy! #LadyJupiter #PicksOfTheWeek #Saffron

I kind of disregard the casual excuse of raising a toddler…I mean – YES – he is exhausting, but so are a lot of other things. Working and going to school full time is exhausting. Loading event decor one-case-at-a-time-because-the-venue-has-the-tiniest-freight-elevator is exhausting. Working until 3am is exhausting, etc.

One day I put a few saffron threads in my coffee grounds before brewing…just to see if it would break my fast. The result was an immediately happier and more energetic self – WOW! I did it for the next few days and saffron continued to improve my energy and mood. At this point I don’t care if it breaks my fast because it makes me feel great!

I didn’t want to use all of my actual saffron, so I bought a supplement encapsulated in a common two-piece edible capsule. Now when I make a pot of coffee I pour one capsule of saffron supplement into the filter before I add my coffee grounds – this way my entire pot of coffee gets some saffron-goodness and I can enjoy it all morning.

This one is specific to flight-crew spouses & special others – both military and civilian.

Week № 13 is another collection of little things that make me happy! #LadyJupiter #PicksOfTheWeek #Weather #CancelledFlights

Pilots aren’t the only ones who fly. There are loadmasters, navigators, photographers, and cryptologic linguists just to name a few. I picked wx cancellations this week because I don’t like my other half flying through bad weather (he doesn’t like it much either). Some gray days are perfectly safe, others are not. When civilian weather channels are warning about thunderstorms and tornados I prefer when everyone is grounded. Sometimes they can simply get out of the area and fly somewhere with nicer skies, but not always.

So those clear-sky-perfect-picnic days? Fly! Have fun, y’all. Tornado sirens and wind gust warnings? Nope. Tie down that plane and come home if you can.

I know that weather cancellations delay training schedules and delay regular air travel – but I am SO happy to be inconvenienced for safety, knowing that everyone’s loved ones are all safe too.

This is a newish discovery that has probably been around for a while; I’m not on the cutting edge of travel accessories and that’s okay.

Week № 13 is another collection of little things that make me happy! #LadyJupiter #PicksOfTheWeek #cinchtop #cinchbags #traveling

My needs have changed over time, and that’s a good thing! For years I used a train-case type of cosmetic bag; it was semi-rigid, and I just got tired of looking at it. It was cumbersome and bulky…but I didn’t travel too often so the inconveniences were manageable.

Then I was introduced to Lay-N-Go, so I bought one of those and liked being able to lay out the things, then easily bundle it all up. This was great at home or in Las Vegas where I could use the product as intended. But one summer I was in Tokyo with a teeny tiny bathroom counter (barely enough space for a toothbrush…then later American AirB&Bs with pedestal sinks only (no counter at all) – I had to lay my Lay-N-Go on the bed and take batches of things into the bathroom with me…so having this cosmetic bag wasn’t practical.

I needed something else; something to hold my toiletries that didn’t require counter space in the restroom. First I got a hanging organizer. This has been convenient many times, and I am very happy that I have it – but I don’t always need to travel super light. Enter the cinch-top bag!

Cinch-top is a great combination of the Lay-N-Go and a hanging organizer. I can travel with larger containers, then after use I can quickly cinch them away and clear out for the next person to use the shower. The container size that you can travel with depends on your method of travel – just because it can hold 16oz jello doesn’t mean that you can actually fly with it – please use your brains and follow the rules. Get vaccinated, wear a mask, wash your hands, don’t try to sneak in more liquids or gels just because your container can fit them.

I like to think that form, function, and fun meet in keychains. The form is fun, memorable, and eye-catching. The function is joy and easy identification.

Week № 13 is another collection of little things that make me happy! #LadyJupiter #PicksOfTheWeek #keychains #bagcharms

I’ve always enjoyed accessories and little baubles, but I was never the girl with so many keychains on my car keys that I damaged my car – I prefer to curate and only use the best daily. My preferred baubles have changed over the years, but I still gravitate to fobs that are eye catching and useful in some way.

I have three favorites right now.

  1. Citrus wedge bag charm (perfect cardholder)
  2. Turquoise leather knot (that I use as a zipper pull)
  3. Oliver the Ox charm (toddler distraction device)

The citrus wedge came from Coach Outlet. I originally bought it as a toddler distraction device, but was surprised that it was large enough to carry my daily ID cards – so it’s my keychain. Its chain is long enough to clip into any of my purses and I love that versatility. I generally keep it on my car keys because I tend to misplace one or the other when they’re separate.
The turquoise knot is pretty and useful. I bought it because I loved the color and simplicity. It later found a permanent job when I made it a zipper pull on my slim backpack purse.
Lastly I definitely bought Oliver because he’s just so charming I couldn’t stop thinking about him (this happens with most things I buy). On the occasion that I’m in public with the toddler in a place where he might get bored – I bring Oliver as a distraction. This is rare because 1) we don’t get out much (at the time of writing I am still ineligible for any COVID-19 vaccine), and 2) when we do get out, Kid Jupiter is too busy taking everything in to be bored at all (no change since last year, he especially loves the grocery store).

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Author: Tracey

Tracey has a bachelor’s degree in Technical Writing from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. She loves editing, riding bikes, and cooking for her family.

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