Picks of the Week № 33 📍

Hello, week № 33!

I was inspired to write about my lockdown favorites, so here we are. At the time of writing COVID-19 is still doing pandemic stuff (killing people), and I am going to spare you from my opinions about USA’s response.

So today I want to share my Never-Ending Pandemic Favorites. Surely it’ll be safe to be in public again, but until then here is my favorite sunscreen since we’re indoors so much, my favorite masks when I’m out, my favorite ways to avoid shopping in public, and a quick chat about my favorite home bound activity that I enjoy daily.

Week № 33 is a compilation of my favorites that directly relate to life in a pandemic. #masks #redlighttherapy #MisfitsMarket

Disclosure: This site contains affiliate links; I may earn a tiny commission from purchases.

Here are my five favorites this week:

  • Sunscreen
  • Printed Masks
  • Red Light Therapy
  • Grocery Subscriptions
  • Drive-thru Liquor Stores

— Sunscreen
I love sunscreen. Even when I am intentionally tanning a little bit, I still love sunscreen.

Week № 33 is a compilation of my favorites that directly relate to life in a pandemic. #masks #redlighttherapy #MisfitsMarket

Being outdoors daily is great for our skin – it’s how we synthesize Vitamin D from cholesterol, and that helps us absorb calcium. Also, a little nips of exposure prepares our skin for weekend mowing, or other sunny tasks.

But since COVID-19 moved in, the Jupiter House isn’t going outside as often. We took many walks in the spring, but summer is too damn hot for leisurely walking. Since Kid Jupiter and I aren’t getting the little snippets of sun that we used to, I make sure that we’re wearing sunscreen if we’re going to be out for…10 minutes or more. Each member of this house has their own bottle. Mister Jupiter and I focus on our faces, and Kid Jupiter’s is an all-body potion for all of his soft young baby skin.

— Printed Masks
I found these masks when looking for something that wouldn’t fog up my glasses, and looked comfortable for long term wearing. Jackpot!

Week № 33 is a compilation of my favorites that directly relate to life in a pandemic. #masks #redlighttherapy #MisfitsMarket

These masks are super comfortable. I like that they cover the back of the neck, so when I lower the mask to eat or drink I’m only moving the upper-most portion and the rest stays securely in place. My glasses don’t fog up, so that’s a big win for me, and the primary reason I sought these masks. Be advised that these do NOT have any nose wire – I know that can be a dealbreaker for some.

Edited! As CDC mask recommendations changed, so did my mask wearing. These breezy masks were retired and replaced with multiple-layer tighter weave cotton masks. My face is small, and Coach masks fit me like a glove – all the particle filtering and no gaps!

— Red Light Therapy
My Mito Mid (red & infrared device) is a Never-Ending Pandemic Pick because it’s something that I can enjoy at home that makes me feel like a million bucks…but only cost a few hundred.

Week № 33 is a compilation of my favorites that directly relate to life in a pandemic. #masks #redlighttherapy #MisfitsMarket

My panel literally energizes my body while stimulating collagen and warming me a little with the infrared bulbs. I use my Mito Mid twice a day if I can. I treat my upper body in the afternoon, and lower body before bed. Usually I can get the afternoon session in, but not always. I used to visit my nearest salon’s red light bed, but I had a hard time getting in my sessions before they expired. Imagine that if I have a hard time using a device IN MY OWN HOUSE that I had a quadruple-hard time leaving the house to use a commercial device! I love the commercial red light bed, but having a smaller version in-home is more practical for me.

If you’ve heard about red light therapy you’ve probably heard of Joovv devices, but not Mito Red. Mito has recently been proven to actually have a stronger power output than Joovv, but they’re not as active to promote themselves or publish blog posts about recent findings (Joovv is very good at promoting themselves and writing about photobiomodulation). I’m very happy to stand with the quiet high performer, so check them out!

— Grocery Subscriptions
I’ve been loving grocery subscriptions since Amazon launched Subscribe & Save…so it’s been a few years.

Week № 33 is a compilation of my favorites that directly relate to life in a pandemic. #masks #redlighttherapy #MisfitsMarket

In order to stay in and minimize physical contact with other humans, I stopped traditional grocery shopping, and now we’re happier to put our dollars (food votes) towards better industry standards. Our beef and pork come from Butcher Box, our seafood is seasonal-only from Sitka Salmon Shares, our imperfect organic fruits & veggies come from Misfits Market, paper and pantry goods come from Amazon’s Subscribe & Save, and lastly I order milk and cheese from my local Kroger for curbside pickup. If we need bread I will bake it, but that’s a rare need.

I’ve always preferred to support the suppliers who value animal welfare, or sustainable farming in general. So we are very thankful to have some trustworthy options until standards are raised in this country. I’ll work on getting you all of our referral codes – because I want you to have the same good food we enjoy.

Butcher Box – $15 off your first box! http://fbuy.me/pP1UK
Sitka Salmon Shares – (pending)
Misfits Market – discount code COOKWME-NJ8YAR

— Drive-thru Liquor Stores
There is one drive through liquor store that is between my favorite grocery store and my home, and I’m in that lane every month.

Week № 33 is a compilation of my favorites that directly relate to life in a pandemic. #masks #redlighttherapy #MisfitsMarket

We’re not huge drinkers, but we do like options. I also cook with wine a lot (risotto with buttery chardonnays, beef with pinot noir, pork with…anything), so we have a steady turnover because, like groceries, I only buy for a week’s consumption. I COULD buy beer by the case, but our fridge is so full of good food I only have room for a six pack and bottle of wine.

Since my preferred store doesn’t have any inventory online, I simply drive up and ask the cashier for “a new lager” maybe “something from Rogue” or some other wide request that is likely to get filled easily. Why don’t I just go in? Well, I’m trying to avoid being around humans, also I only visit when I have a hot car full of cold groceries. Besides, I think it’s bad form to bring a toddler into a liquor store. Thank goodness for the drive-thru!

And that’s it for my Pandemic Picks! Little details get me through the day, and these have been my favorites these long, hot, isolating months. Oh – and when COVID-19 does eventually blow over – please keep wearing your sunscreen! I think I’m going to transition the Jupiter House entirely over to Bare Republic. I forgot that they have such a large range, plus I can buy some locally at my favorite grocery store so that’s a big plus.

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Author: Tracey

Tracey has a bachelor’s degree in Technical Writing from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. She loves editing, riding bikes, and cooking for her family.

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