Picks of the Week № 17

Hello, week № 17. Apologies for the recent lack of posts!

The current shelter-in-place requests have shifted everything a bit, so I haven’t had my usual time and space to write. But everything is good now and has been good – albeit different and that’s okay. Just for fun I picked my favorites this week by thinking about different rooms in the house, and writing about my favorite thing in that room. It’s a fun way of thinking that I may use more often.

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Picks of the Week, № 17. Quick chat about current favorites on my face, in my tum, in my nose, on my TV, and under my feet. So good!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links that help support LadyJupiter.com, you understand.

Here are my five favorites this week:

  • Vitamin K Crème
  • Kahlúa Espresso Martini
  • Ojas Oil
  • “I Know That Voice”
  • Leather Ottoman

— Vitamin K Creme
After our first week or two of our COVID-19 SIP, I decided that if I’m not going out like usual that I need a new face potion…for reasons.

Amazing K Vitamin Creme, makes my face smooth and well moisturized https://amzn.to/3bxr4QU

Truly I just enjoy treating myself to little things and will use any excuse I can find even though I don’t really need to explain myself to anyone. I picked out this creme to use at night because I decided that I needed topical K. I started using this as my night cream and noticed a difference in just under a week. WHAT?! My face seems smoother in color and texture. My pores never seemed too big, but now they are smaller.

At the time of writing I am 35 years “old,” but I honestly think that I look younger. Please excuse me while I use more on my neck and décolleté and buy another tube. For the record it has a mild scent, and feels substantial…like mayonnaise. When I apply a layer to my face and neck I know that the moisture is locked in all night.

— Kahlúa Espresso Martini
Thank goodness this is a canned product – it’s perfect every time!

My favorite drink this quarantine - Kahlúa Espresso Martini

I’m a fan of spiked coffees, and recently have been on a lazy hunt for Pabst Hard Coffee available via drive thru. And by “lazy hunt” I mean that I ask for it at the only drive thru liquor store I know, and buy whatever substitute they bring to the window.

This week I was offered this Kahlua martini and I love it! It’s smooth, flavorful, and canned with nitrogen so you get a nitro crema upon pouring. It’s decently strong too, but perfect to thin out with your own coffee or Nespresso. I’m definitely buying another set in a few weeks – yum.

— Ojas Oil
I’m kind of a sucker for diffusing oil at home. Not for holistic benefits, but just for scent transmission and sinus help.

My poor sinuses. They have been in some level of suffering all of my adult life – and the season I was finally going to see a professional, COVID-19 became a household name (insert low sigh that slowly turns into a growl). Then one of my diffusers died.

Luckily, Jeff Bezos had the answer. I replaced my dead ultrasonic diffuser with a smaller model, and decided that I wanted a clove oil based blend. My searches eventually turned up Ojas Oil, and I bought that too. It’s clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, turmeric, rosemary, and lemon oils. It’s not overwhelming or girly – it’s warm and complex.

I diffuse three drops Ojas in the home office, so Mister Jupiter smells it too. He likes it, so that’s good. I often linger over the diffuser while it runs, inhaling through the nose. It’s taking a little time, but my sinuses are actually feeling better with this extra inhalation. Otherwise I always diffuse clove and lavender oil in my bedside diffuser to try to ward off bloody noses. So if you’re in the market for new scents, try Ojas.

— “I Know That Voice”
This is a new favorite that I stumbled across recently. It’s on Amazon Prime, and it’s fun if you’re interested in voice actors or cartoons.

"I Know That Voice" is fun if you like cartoons and voice acting - plus it's on Amazon Video

Lately I have been researching and learning about voice work, whether that’s being voice-over talent, narrating audiobooks, podcasting, or voice acting. It’s a niche that I love, and finding this documentary on Amazon was a real treat. It’s fast paced and funny – I definitely recommend watching it with any young people who are interested in acting. These folks dispense a lot of the same wisdom I heard a few years ago when I went to a voice actor panel at a comic convention.

— Leather Ottoman
I was so excited to buy a big new piece of furniture for our big new house when we moved last year. I was eyeballing a huge range of modern leather sofas, wacky modular lounges, pink velvet tufted couches and so on. Then I saw this four foot by four foot luxe leather ottoman on article.com. I couldn’t get it out of my mind.

The leather ottoman of my dreams is a reality. Reality is expensive, but manageable. #leather #article #furniture

When we initially moved in the house was mostly empty, so we camped indoors for a few days while our goods were in transit. We got used to having an empty echo house, mostly because our last house was too small and it felt good to be in a big space.

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Then our household goods arrived, and we unpacked over the next week or two. Once the furniture was scattered across the house and shipping materials removed our living room didn’t look too sparse with only two armchairs. We liked the space so much that we agreed we didn’t need a couch at all, but that one ottoman would do…only if it was big and perfect.

GUESS WHAT. I bought the ottoman of my dreams and haven’t looked back. It’s often covered in miscellaneous living room stuff, but when it’s uncovered, freshly conditioned, and styled with a tray of fresh flowers it feels like I just walked into a design magazine.

10/10 Would buy again. Hell, I’d buy six if I could fit them in the house. Clean lines, limited material palette, this ottoman is the antithesis of Ashley Furniture and their bulky polyester sectionals. I bet Oprah would love this ottoman if she doesn’t already have one.

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Author: Tracey

Tracey has a bachelor’s degree in Technical Writing from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. She has one amazing husband and two fluffy beasts.

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